Analyze datasets in real time. Combine high-speed development of business applications, transaction processing and complex analytical queries within a single system. Do more with less.

SAP HANA is a revolutionary data and application platform based on in-memory computing technology. It simplifies and speeds up Big Data processing and provides unprecedented analytical capabilities.
Now the system does not need hundreds and thousands of versatile databases. No time is spent on their reconciliation and analysis — all information is in a single repository, which is updated here and now. Any SAP HANA request handles in a split second.

SAP HANA features

  • Real-time data processing

    Due to the complete in-memory data storage, SAP HANA generates reports literally at the speed of thought. Any changes afterwards are displayed immediately and are available on any device.

  • Lower operating costs

    Forrester conducted a study that predicted a reduction in business costs by 37% within 4 years after the introduction of SAP HANA. Platform technologies allow significant savings on hardware, software and salary.

  • Flexibility

    SAP HANA easily processes and analyzes any data of any size. For a complete assessment of the business, you can “pull” to the platform non-standard sources of information that interest you.

  • Giant storage

    SAP and partners have created the world’s largest data warehouse, setting a new record. The storage holds 12.1 pb of data. These are about 265 libraries with 50 million books.

  • Localization of infrastructure anywhere

    Deploy SAP HANA in a cloud, physical infrastructure or hybrid environment. Choose a public cloud or a managed SAP private cloud with limitless business opportunities.

  • 1000+ Ready Business Applications

    Thousands of enterprise applications and services are running on the SAP HANA platform. And their number is constantly increasing. Use applications to build an effective corporate environment: from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to tracking expenses outside of them.

  • Hardware savings

    SAP HANA scales information and cleans duplicates, so it needs about 10 times less storage resources. You will not need to buy additional system modules, pay separately for implementation, licensing and maintenance of each.

Real-time business offers great promise

  • 1
    Get fresh data immediately
    Analyze the company’s work in real time. Get cuts on all key project indicators to make good management decisions. Use detailed reports on service, customer information, sales, marketing, departmental performance to build an effective business development strategy.
  • 2
    Forget about the complex IT environment
    SAP HANA simplifies digital cloud and mobile technologies, the landscape of which is often overdeveloped. The platform eliminates redundant operating processes and duplicates. No caching and indexing. The data becomes cleaner and more pleasant, and your business is more flexible and more maneuverable.
  • 3
    Anticipate what customers want
    Predict trends and problems before they occur. Predictive analytics tools deployed on SAP HANA help identify both great opportunities that you were not even aware of, and risks inside and outside the company. Improve the prospects of your business and play ahead of the wishes of customers. Give them what they want on a subconscious level.
SAP HANA Architecture


Powerful computing technology that stores and processes data in the RAM of many devices connected to the platform without duplication. It accelerates the analysis of big data and the delivery of reports by 1.8 thousand times.

Complete storage of data

The HANA architecture is fundamentally different from classic relational databases. It is loaded into RAM, and the data is not stored in rows, but in columns. This allows analysis and calculations in real time.

Mass-parallel processing

The memory is physically shared: each processor has access only to its local memory. This separation greatly improves data scalability and processing speed.

SAP HANA is the best tool for taming big data, opening up incredible business opportunities. Keep abreast of changes in all parts of your company and make quick and informed decisions to improve business performance.

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