SAP CRM On-premise

With SAP moving into the cloud and terminating support for CRM on-premise, many companies consider refusing this outstanding software. With dedicated CRM on-premise support service from ACBaltica, you can keep using the product, fully leverage its benefits, and even successfully integrate it with any SAP or third-party software,
including cloud applications.

SAP on-premise, or on-site CRM, is a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of customer relationship management, from marketing to sales and service. It can seamlessly connect with other SAP modules, ensuring a holistic view of your business processes. With real-time reporting and analytics capabilities, you can make informed decisions based on up-to-date insights into customer interactions and performance metrics. And there's even more: the system is highly customizable and has robust security features. Since its first release in 2000, SAP CRM on-prem became a number-one choice for midsize and large organizations seeking localized control over customer relationship management processes.

And here's why:

Benefits of SAP CRM on-premise
 Benefits of CRM on-premise
Unlike cloud-based solutions, SAP CRM On-Premise is purchased and installed on the company's servers. It resides within the organization, granting you complete control over data and processes. You own the entire system, ensuring data security and governance.
 Benefits of CRM on-premise
CRM on-premise is like a tailor-made suit — highly customizable to fit unique business needs and custom processes — and with cloud deployment, you mostly get the predefined best-practice configuration.
 Benefits of CRM on-premise
Users can access the CRM data only through desktop applications within the company premises.
 Benefits of CRM on-premise
Infrastructure and maintenance
The system is managed and controlled internally by the company-client's IT staff. With cloud deployment, SAP handles system infrastructure and maintenance.
Benefits of CRM on-premise
Speed of innovation
With on-site installation, you control upgrades and changes – while with cloud deployment, the software gets automatic quarterly upgrades.
Benefits of CRM on-premise
Long-term cost
While initial setup costs are high, the total cost of ownership tends to be lower than cloud-based solutions.
Benefits of CRM on-premise

Ideal for large enterprises
The solution is suited for big businesses with the resources to manage and maintain an internal system.

Navigating the limitations

In 2020, SAP declared that mainstream maintenance for SAP CRM 7.0 will only continue until the end of 2027 – due to innovation commitment for S/4HANA and the shift towards cloud-based CRM applications. It brings the following risks for the companies still using the on-prem CRM:

  • Limited support and updates. Since SAP will no longer provide regular updates, patches, or enhancements, companies won't receive new features, bug fixes, or security updates, potentially leaving their systems vulnerable.
  • Security risks. Without ongoing security updates, companies may face increased risks of security breaches, data leaks, or compliance violations.
  • Compatibility challenges. As other systems and technologies advance, SAP CRM on-premise may become less compatible with newer components. Integrations with other applications may break, affecting overall business processes.
  • Lack of experts and resources to support SAP CRM on-premise. With SAP's shift from on-premise installations to the cloud, SAP partners worldwide are reducing their teams specialized in on-site CRM apps. So, finding reliable partners/experts to support your solution might be harder.

Does that mean those using the on-prem solution should migrate to the cloud ASAP? The answer is not! With ACBaltica, you have many more choices. Let's explore how it works.

Support service for SAP CRM on-premise

We designed this service to help you leverage all the benefits of SAP CRM on-premise - even if the software isn't supported by the vendor anymore. The service ensures that your system remains viable and stable and enables consistent performance of your CRM solution. We also help you cover security risks, perform bug fixes, and overcome the challenges caused by limited support from the vendor. We'll also help you integrate your on-prem CRM with new systems and applications (SAP and non-SAP, including those in the cloud). And there's even more: with this service, you ensure your system can evolve to meet the new challenges of an ever-changing business landscape and suit your unique needs.

The service includes

  • Support for all kinds of incidents (including hotline for office hours and 24/7 emergency line).
  • SAP Basis Support.
  • Proactive monitoring to prevent issues.
  • Consulting services.
  • Workshops for end users.
  • Advanced reporting system on provided services.
  • Custom development.
  • And more.

Your benefits

  • Your CRM system remains stable and viable.
  • You ensure the high performance of your system.
  • Even without support from the vendor, bugs in the system will be fixed, and new issues will be prevented.
  • Your CRM solution can adapt to changes: customizations, integrations – everything is possible.
  • You have a reliable and experienced partner who helps you get the most out of your system – regardless of the lack of support from the vendor.

Integration and custom development for SAP CRM on-premise

In some cases, custom development is required to customize the solution or integrate it with new applications. We can help you with this.

The service includes

  • Integrations based on custom development. We can integrate your on-prem CRM with literally any software—SAP BTP, a state system for financial accounting, any third-party ERP system, and more.
  • Extension of system components (functional solution blocks). It involves leveraging and building upon the components already in use.
  • Adding new logic to current components. We'll introduce fresh logic or rules into the existing components to customize and improve the behavior of the current system.

Your benefits

  • You don't limit your growth with the disabilities of your system; you can customize it to suit the unique needs of your business.
  • Your system remains agile and compliant with modern challenges.

SAP CRM Performance Optimization Service

If you notice that your on-premise CRM is running slow even with a normal CPU load or you already run low on system resources, SAP CRM performance optimization service comes to the rescue to improve your system performance with no further investments in infrastructure.

The service includes

  • Performance audit. We analyze system workload and Identify resource bottlenecks to provide you with recommendations on how to ensure better performance of your system.
  • SAP system optimization. Custom development, implementation of SAP notes, escalation of issues to SAP (if needed) – we ensure that system performance is optimized, bottlenecks are eliminated, and critical processes affecting the system performance take less time.
  • System performance monitoring. Once the system is properly optimized, we ensure visibility and transparency of system performance and proper and timely reaction to any issues.
  • Sizing and hardware planning. Based on the expected system workload and database growth, we provide you with a forecast on hardware utilization. We also recommend the most effective ways to set up system infrastructure.

Your benefits

This service effectively helps you:

  • Increase system performance.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Enhance system stability and address performance bottlenecks.
  • Save infrastructure costs and decrease TCO.

Migration from SAP CRM 7.0 to SAP Sales and Service Cloud

In some cases, you might consider that despite all the benefits of an on-premise CRM solution, you still need to migrate to the cloud. The reasons are quite obvious: SAP is committed to nurturing its cloud products – so they will be further developed to meet the modern challenges, they will be supported by SAP itself, and – let's face it – they have better and more friendly Fiori UI. If you're determined to move into the cloud, we can help you with that, too!

The service includes

  • Seamless data transition. First, we ensure compatibility between your existing data model in SAP CRM on-premise and the data structure in SAP Sales and Service Cloud. Then, we extract relevant data from the on-premise system and transform it to fit the cloud environment.
  • Configuration and Customization. At this stage, we configure SAP Sales and Service Cloud to align with your business processes and develop customizations or enhancements specific to your organization (if needed).
  • Integration. We establish connections with other SAP solutions you use (like SAP S/4HANA) and third-party applications and ensure real-time synchronization of master data between systems.
  • User Training and Change Management. We train end-users on the new cloud-based solution and manage organizational change to help you facilitate a smooth transition to the new system.
  • Testing and Validation. We conduct thorough testing (including testing of units, integrations, and user acceptance testing) and validate data accuracy and completeness after migration.
  • Post-Migration Support. After the migration is completed, we monitor system performance and promptly address any issues. We continuously improve and optimize the solution based on user feedback and evolving business needs.

Your benefits

With SAP Sales and Service Cloud, you gain:

  • Cloud-based agility.
  • Enhanced user-experience.
  • Advanced analytics and insights.
  • Seamless integrations.
  • Continuous innovation, support, and updates from the vendor.
  • And more!

And remember that with ACBaltica, you gain an experienced partner who ensures your successful migration! We have senior-level experts on both SAP CRM on-premise and SAP Sales and Service Cloud, and we have also successfully performed migration projects for many industries. So you can benefit from our experience!

Why choose ACBaltica?

  1. Deep expertise in SAP CRM on-premise. We've been working with SAP CRM on-premise solutions since 2011, and we know all product versions released since then.
  2. We have a diverse portfolio of successful projects based on SAP CRM on-premise. We have dozens of projects with CRM on-premise, both implementation and support/customization. We have clients who refused SAP support and only relied on our help, so we know how to help companies grow in these circumstances.
  3. Experience implementing CRM on-premise for different industries. We've been working with companies from different industries, including telco, retail, fintech, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. With this experience, we'll find the solution that will work best for you!
  4. Big and fungible team. We have resources for all kinds of SAP projects: consulting, implementation, custom development, migration, and more. And we have specialists of all levels, from juniors to high-level seniors. Whatever your challenge, we'll put together a team suited exactly to your needs.
  5. Profound knowledge of SAP CX portfolio and other SAP products. With our in-depth expertise in SAP CX products, we can find the best options for you to migrate from an on-premise CRM solution to the cloud and integrate it with other SAP/non-SAP products you use.
  6. Compliance with SAP standards. ACBaltica is a certified SAP Platinum Partner and a Partner Center of Expertise. Thus, SAP has confirmed that we provide the highest level of SAP-related services in compliance with SAP standards.
  7. Flexible and agile. We'll promptly dive into your project and adjust to your internal processes and procedures, regulations, and compliance to help you maximize the potential of SAP solutions.
  8. Competitive prices. With our delivery center in Eastern Europe, we can guarantee that our price-to-quality ratio will fit both your needs and budget.
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