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Outsource your SAP projects to the experienced team – and save time and resources while reaching your goals faster.

If you are an SAP customer, you know that the development, improvement, and implementation of SAP solutions require time and resources. Building an internal SAP team is costly – and it might not be able to face all the challenges. Odds are they might not have all the relevant SAP experience, or they do not have enough people – especially when you move fast and implement many SAP solutions at once. Instead of spending your time (and money!) finding and onboarding new employees, outsource your SAP projects or tasks to a professional team of experts. And even if you already have an external SAP partner, you can still try another one – for those projects where your current partner doesn't have the expertise or enough people or to check if the new team can offer a different approach, better terms, or prices.

On the other hand, if you are an SAP partner, how often do you face these situations where you have to pause or even refuse SAP projects because you don't have enough resources or people in your team do not have relevant experience? Again, why not outsource these tasks?..

With ACBaltica, you get experts with 20+ years of experience with SAP projects in dozens of industries and have a responsible partner. Unlike SAP outstaffing providers, we do not simply "rent" you our people; instead, we manage them and take responsibility for the terms and goals of the project.

Why consider outsourcing SAP projects?

  • You're not happy with the speed or results of your current team
  • Your current team doesn't have the relevant expertise
  • You want to be more flexible and reduce/increase the SAP team depending on the project stage
  • You wonder if there's a different approach to reaching your goals
  • You want to save costs on managing SAP products and find a cheaper solution than maintaining an internal SAP team
Benefits of outsourcing SAP operations
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Comprehensive expertise in SAP products

No need to put on pause any of your SAP projects if your team (or your dedicated SAP partner) doesn't have relevant expertise in a specific industry or SAP solution. Leverage the experience of the external team!

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Increase efficiency with alternative options

The external team might have a different vision and even provide more added value and ways to face your challenges. With more options to choose from, you increase your chances of building an optimal solution in terms of approach, architecture, or budget. With an external team, you have more options to choose from.

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Depending on the project stage, you can increase/reduce your SAP team – with no need to onboard or dismiss personnel.

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Do more in less time

Another common reason for pausing or a significant slowdown of SAP projects is the need for more people. But you can always outsource some tasks or projects to the external team – and stay on schedule!

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Control your costs

You save on the recruitment and onboarding of new employees and on growing their expertise in SAP solutions. With transparent pricing of outsourcing services, you can always predict the cost of your project. And there's even more: you don't need to worry about (and pay for!) managing your SAP teams: we take responsibility for the terms and results of projects.

Why choose ACBaltica?

For 20+ years, we've been working with SAP products – and we have practical experience with all major SAP modules and best practices for dozens of industries. We can either become your SAP-dedicated partner or cooperate with the one you already have, complementing their experience and competencies with our expertise. And there's even more: we have a delivery center in Eastern Europe which allows us to offer competitive rates along with a high level of expertise.

To sum up, here are a few reasons to outsource your SAP projects to ACBaltica:

No matter if you outsource to us a whole project or just one task – if you need, we can take full responsibility for the job in terms of time and results. You do not need to care about managing our specialists – they know what to do to achieve the results you need. On the other hand, we can join the existing team and work under the current management, too.

We know how important it is to ensure that an expert you hire has all it takes to bring you the desired results – in terms of their professional experience and soft skills, too. All our experts are ready to be interviewed – all to confirm they can be most efficient in helping you reach your goals.

We'll promptly dive in, adjust to your internal processes and procedures, time zones, regulations, and compliance – and find resources for your tasks. We know that the scale and even goals of projects might change along the way – and we're ready to adapt.

Not only do we know the best practices for implementing SAP solutions in multiple industries – we are also proficient with all existing versions of SAP products. We can help you get the most out of any of them – or migrate to a newer version/product!

We have enough resources to provide efficient assistance at any stage of your project.

With our delivery center in Eastern Europe and 20+ years of expertise in SAP, we can guarantee that our price-to-quality ratio will fit both your needs and budget.

Our SAP expertise

Customer experience

SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Service Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP CRM On-Premise

SAP Marketing On-Premise












Planning, Analytics,
and Reporting



BusinessObjects BI

Analytics Cloud

and Integration



Integration Suite


Cooperation models

No matter if you are an SAP customer looking for a partner or an SAP partner looking to improve the team with additional expertise and resources, we offer two cooperation models:

Competitive prices with the highest quality service

Fixed Price

We define the scope of work
for which we are fully responsible
and perform it for a fixed price and terms.

Competitive prices with the highest quality service

Time and Material

For your project, we allocate qualified resources
for the required hours at differentiated rates
depending on the level of expertise.

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