SAP Datasphere

SAP Datasphere is a robust data management and integration platform designed to streamline data processing and enhance decision-making within your company

SAP Datasphere is a successor of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud that has not only changed its name but also acquired some new features – like improvements in the discovery, modeling, and distribution of enterprise data. All these features make SAP Datasphere a comprehensive data management and integration platform that empowers companies to seamlessly orchestrate their data and enable smarter decision-making. The solution connects to a wide range of data sources – both on-premises and in the cloud, SAP and non-SAP – ensuring comprehensive access to valuable information and faster data processing. With SAP Datasphere, companies can improve data accuracy, enhance data governance, and achieve real-time data integration.

Benefits of SAP Datasphere

  • Seamless data integration

    Seamlessly and with low effort Integrate with external data vendors and products to consolidate diverse data sources, enabling more informed, real-time decision-making.

  • Reliable and easy-to-use data from business users

    Empower business users with trustworthy and authoritative data, all without the hassle of data migration from different systems.

  • Easy access to data from multiple systems and sources

    Effortlessly enhance your data by incorporating insights from multiple systems.

  • Data self-service

    Thanks to data self-service capabilities, business users easily access data from SAP and non-SAP sources for more valuable insights.

Key capabilities of SAP Datasphere

Access to Authoritative Data

Sales force automation
  • Delivery of business data within its specific business context. SAP Datasphere allows access to critical business data and associated metadata directly from SAP applications, highlighting the crucial interplay between them.
  • Simplified business modeling. Solve complex modeling requirements with semantic definitions and associations from SAP applications through the innovative SAP Datasphere Analytic Model.
  • Governance across the entire data lifecycle. Efficiently explore and manage your business data throughout all stages of your data journey with the SAP Datasphere Catalog.
Data Enrichment for All Projects

Collaborative and connected front and back office

  • Data access from anywhere, virtually or in person. Leverage SAP Datasphere's data federation or data replication features to easily switch between data sources and harmonize heterogeneous and real-time data.
  • Collaboration with trusted data partners and secure data sharing within the organization. Enhance data projects with reliable industry data from thousands of providers with the SAP Datasphere Marketplace.
  • Integrate with top data and AI platforms for more business insights. Effortlessly connect SAP and non-SAP data – all thanks to tailored integration with open data ecosystem solutions.
Simplification of Data Landscape

Field sales and retail execution transformation

  • Innovation Across Hybrid Architectures. Effortlessly access any data regardless of location, whether in the cloud or hybrid environments.
  • Self-Service Data Access. Provide user-friendly access to data for different lines of business with SAP Datasphere Spaces.
  • SAP BW data transformation for usage in the cloud. Efficiently repurpose SAP BW content with SAP Datasphere's BW bridge. Move up to 70% to 80% of your SAP BW artifacts with transfer tools.
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