SAP Customer Data Platform

Benefits of SAP CDP

  • Deeper customer understanding

    through unifying customer data from all relevant sources.

  • Ensure your customer data is accurate and trustworthy —

    all thanks to CDP's proven enterprise identity and data privacy foundation.

  • Maximize your growth —

    with targeted insights curated for specific use cases.

  • User-friendly UI, low and no code customization
  • Benefit on dynamic customer segmentation

    for a better product targeting

Key capabilities

Deeper customer understanding
Deeper customer understanding
  • Unified customer data
  • High data availability
  • Insights into customer behavior
  • Custom business hierarchies
Data Accuracy
Data Accuracy
  • Purpose-driven adat collection
  • Smart data governance and ensuring data usage consent
Growth optimization
Growth optimization
  • Insightful customer profile views
  • Real-time data
  • Processes built on industry best practices

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