EWM Support

Ensure effective warehouse management, prevent issues, benefit from custom-tailored solutions, and rely on expert assistance 24/7 – all with SAP EWM support service.
EWM Support

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a comprehensive solution for warehouse operations. It gives you an overview of product quantities and allows real-time tracking of specific items within your entire warehouse complex. With EWM, you can efficiently manage storage bins, stock movements and even consolidate stocks from multiple plants in a single warehouse (or the opposite: superwise stocks for one plant in several separate warehouses – and manage them all with a single EWM solution). Additionally, the software enables precise control and optimization of various warehouse processes.

At the end of the day, the software helps you reduce operational costs, improve customer delivery performance, improve fill rates, provide customers with real-time delivery status, and base your decisions on the accurate data gained from reports and analytic tools.

But to fully leverage this solution's potential, you must ensure the software runs correctly, is accurately tailored to your unique needs, and promptly addresses all issues. Sometimes, you might even need to develop some custom code to tailor the solution to the actual needs of your business.

In other words, you need a reliable EWM Support Service.

EWM Support Service

SAP EWM Support Service aims to enhance your EWM experience. It goes beyond mere technical assistance, providing strategic guidance, proactive monitoring, and continuous improvement of your EWM solution. Here's why it is essential:

  • Optimal performance of the EWM solution. Leverage the full potential of SAP EWM and ensure its top performance.
  • Enable proactive system monitoring. Mitigate the risk of warehouse downtime, ensuring uninterrupted processes.
  • Solution enhancement. Adjust your solution to meet modern challenges (including custom code development).
  • Business process optimization. Check if your business processes comply with SAP best practices – and boost your efficiency.
  • System update support. Ensure smooth and hassle-free updates of your system; prevent post-update issues.
  • Support of system users. Get assistance with all kinds of incidents and operational errors 24/7, as well as user training and guidance:
    • assistance with all kinds of incidents;
    • fixing all kinds of operational errors;
    • 24/7 support;
    • training and guidance on system usage.
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If you have any questions on how we can help you support your SAP system and reach the desired results, do not hesitate to contact us.
Choose Your SAP EWM Service Provider

When choosing the provider for EWM Support Service, you can either rely on your internal SAP team or hire an external provider. And while working with your internal team seems to be smooth and convenient (they know your business processes, you don't need to pay extra for the service), it also has some significant cons:

The internal team might not have enough knowledge, expertise, or resources. In this case, to promptly address an issue and prevent the paralysis of your warehouse processes, you might need to hire new people urgently.
In many cases, the internal team only has resources to focus on the first line of support (system user requests, urgent issues, etc.) while being unable to proactively monitor the system to prevent new issues, modify the system to adjust it to modern challenges, and even deal with system updates.
Since the in-house team is often focused on the internal processes in the company, they might not follow all the actual technology trends and therefore suggest outdated solutions to face the modern challenges.

In these situations, consider hiring an external service provider for the entire EWM Support Service or just part of it.

Why choose ACBaltica?
Access to extensive expertise
We have 20+ years of experience with SAP solutions – so you can benefit from our vast knowledge of industry and best practices, along with diverse hands-on experience fixing and preventing all kinds of issues.
SAP integration mastery
With our extensive knowledge of the SAP product portfolio, we can help you seamlessly integrate your EWM solution with other SAP products (MM, PP, Sales, PM, TM, etc.).
Versatility in EWM Versions
With ACBaltica, you can enjoy high-class support service, no matter the version of your EWM solution (EWM 9.0, EWM 9.5, S/4HANA embedded EWM, and S/4HANA decentralized EWM).
Flexibility and scalability
Instead of hiring and onboarding new employees during peak periods, use as many resources as you need from our team – and get back to normal when the issues are fixed.
Certified experts
Employ our high-level consultants, Basis developers, and architects to ensure top-notch service.
Variety of available resources
We have a team of 160+ SAP professionals in different areas, including system architecture, custom development, integrations, and more. You can rely on their experience!
Team player
Our team adapts to your needs and focuses on your business results over SAP processes.
Competitive Pricing
With our delivery center in Eastern Europe, we guarantee you quality support at a competitive price point.
EWM Support Service Packages
Whether you're looking for a comprehensive EWM Support Service solution or need to reduce the load on your internal teams, we have a package to suit your needs.

Focus on urgent issues while we help you with:

  • system development and enhancements;
  • issue prevention;
  • technical debt and deferred tasks.

Team: SAP-certified EWM consultants, developers with EWM expertise, and Basis administrators for the EWM system.

Availability: As per the agreed SLA

Focus on your business growth while we take entirely over your EWM support, including:

  • all lines of support and all stages of the support process;
  • system enhancements;
  • recommendations on process optimization;
  • proactive system monitoring to ensure issue prevention;
  • advanced reporting system to track support service performance.

Team: Specialists of all levels (junior-senior) and relevant expertise to set the processes accordingly.

Availability: As per the agreed SLA, including 24/7.

Have any questions? We will help!
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