Ensure the safety and maximum performance of your system with SAP BASIS Support Service. Empower your company with seamless, efficient, and reliable management of your SAP landscape.

You've chosen SAP software to empower your business growth for a reason. However, the business environment changes and your system needs to adjust without sacrificing performance or stability. SAP BASIS Support is the service that helps you with that. SAP BASIS stands for Business Application Software Integrated Solution. It's the cornerstone of SAP software, and it provides the technical foundation for scaling SAP systems, ensuring that the system remains stable, reliable, secure, and efficient – even when the volume of data and transactions significantly increases. It helps you mitigate risks, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Additionally, it facilitates innovation and supports your company's digital transformation journey.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the capabilities of SAP BASIS:
Technical foundation
SAP BASIS forms the technical foundation for SAP systems, encompassing various components such as the SAP application server, database, and middleware. It ensures seamless integration and communication between these components, laying the groundwork for smooth system operation.
Performance optimization
SAP BASIS support enhances system responsiveness and capacity through performance tuning and optimization techniques. It includes optimizing database queries and tuning system parameters to improve overall performance.
System monitoring and maintenance
SAP BASIS support involves continuous monitoring of system health, performance, and availability. This proactive approach allows timely detection and resolution of issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance.
Risk management and cost reduction
Basis support helps minimize the risk of system downtime, data breaches, and compliance violations by maintaining the stability and reliability of SAP systems and providing proactive monitoring capabilities.
Security management
SAP BASIS support includes robust security measures to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of data within SAP systems. These measures include user authentication and authorization, data encryption, and compliance with industry regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, and more).
System upgrades and patch management
SAP BASIS support ensures that SAP systems are updated with the latest software patches, enhancements, and upgrades. It involves planning system upgrades and their seamless execution with minimal disruption to business operations while incorporating new features and functionalities.
Disaster recovery and high availability
SAP BASIS support includes implementing disaster recovery strategies and high-availability solutions to ensure business continuity in case of system failures or disasters. It may involve setting up redundant systems, data replication, and failover mechanisms to minimize downtime and data loss.
Technical troubleshooting and issue resolution
SAP BASIS support provides troubleshooting and issue resolution services to address technical challenges encountered within SAP systems. These services include diagnosing system errors, analyzing log files, and taking relevant actions to promptly restore system functionality.
Choose your SAP BASIS Support provider

When choosing the SAP BASIS Support service provider, you can either rely on your internal SAP team or hire an external provider. While working with your internal team seems to be smooth and convenient (they know your business processes, and you don't need to pay them extra for the service), outsourcing your SAP BASIS support might be an even better option. And here’s why:

  • Expertise and cost efficiency. The internal team might not have enough knowledge, expertise, or resources, especially in during emergency situations. By outsourcing Basis Support to an external team of experts, you can benefit from their knowledge and experience while saving on internal hiring and infrastructure costs.
  • Scalability and flexibility. When outsourcing your SAP BASIS support, you can quickly adjust available resources based on your current business needs – especially during peak times.
SAP Support
If you have any questions on how we can help you support your SAP system and reach the desired results, do not hesitate to contact us.
Why choose ACBaltica?
Deep expertise in SAP solutions and related products
We have 20+ years of experience with SAP solutions – so you can benefit from our vast knowledge of industries and best practices, along with diverse hands-on experience fixing and preventing all kinds of issues.
20+ years of experience with SAP solutions and in-depth knowledge of:
  • All major databases (SAP HANA, Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL, MaxDB, and more);
  • Operating systems (SLES, RHEL, AIX, WIN, etc.);
  • Deployment options;
  • Cloud service providers (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure);
  • Cloud SAP solutions (SAP RISE, SAP BTP, SAP HEC, SAP CAL, and more).
Advanced tools and technologies
In addition to SAP products, we use all available tools and cutting-edge technologies to provide you with the best service. With years in business, we have even developed custom solutions and best practices based on our experience.
Flexible and agile
We can help you with non-standard configurations, legacy product versions, complicated integrations, or unusual deployment options. We'll sort things out and suggest you a solution in no time.
Availability 24/7
Day or night – we are there for you.
Our SAP BASIS Support packages
We designed three support packages based on business needs. Whether you need to support the stable performance of your SAP solution or develop and execute digital transformation in your company, we have a service package for you.
  • System monitoring;
  • Data back up;
  • Customer support;
  • Dealing with basic technical problems (OS/DB);
  • Patches and system updates to support system stability.
  • SAP performance optimization;
  • Upgrades and migrations;
  • Fixing complicated technical issues and elimination of errors (OS/DB/LAN).
  • Development of safety strategies (including access levels, safety audit, and issue discovery);
  • High availability and disaster recovery;
  • Automation and innovation;
  • Strategic planning to align SAP BASIS support with the company's strategic goals.
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