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Experience the power of comprehensive human capital management with SAP SuccessFactors. Streamline your HR processes, improve operational efficiency, and create meaningful reward experiences for your employees.

SAP SuccessFactors is your all-in-one solution for revolutionizing HR processes and maximizing talent potential. With its comprehensive suite of modules, you can seamlessly manage every aspect of your workforce lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement. Empower your HR team, engage your employees, and drive organizational success like never before.

SAP SuccessFactors consists of nine modules, any of them can be implemented separately and/or integrated with existing SAP solutions or third-party applications.

Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors
 Benefits of SAP CX Suite
Improved efficiency and cost savings.
Streamlines HR processes such as payroll processing, benefits administration, time, attendance tracking, and more.
 AI-enabled customer profiles
Better employee performance management.
Provides a better outlook on employee performance and measures to take for career development.
 End-to-end business models to scale and future-proof your business
Work-life balance for everyone.
Promotes a healthy work-life balance for all employees.
 Tools to win the trust and gain loyalty
Streamlined timekeeping and compensation processes.
Automates key HR processes and improves overall employee experience.
 Reach your customers everywhere
Real-time updates on key metrics.
Helps HR teams improve engagement at work by collecting real-time updates on key metrics such as workforce productivity and team performance.
 GDPR compliance
Integration with existing HR systems.
Allows integrations with existing HR systems, including payroll and benefits administration.
SAP SuccessFactors Modules

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is a comprehensive, cloud-based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) designed to manage your workforce and help your business run more efficiently. It serves as a single source of truth for your HR data, providing a consistent and reliable system of record. The module allows you to automate time-consuming tasks and capture critical information about your company's organization, pay, job structure, and employees.


  • Global system of record. Gain a unified view of employee data across the organization, regardless of location.
  • Workforce management. Automate and streamline time, attendance, scheduling, and absence management.
  • Organizational management. Capture and visualize how your organization is structured, making it easy to understand and manage.
  • Employee self-service. Allow your employees to manage their data, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Manager self-service. Enable managers to handle team-related tasks (like approvals, promotions, and transfers).
  • HR service delivery. Provide HR services and support directly to employees through a digital HR helpdesk.
  • Compliance and auditing. Ensure compliance with global legal regulations and provide auditing capabilities.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting helps companies attract, engage, and select the best talent. It combines a powerful applicant tracking system (ATS), job distribution, a responsive career site, candidate relationship management, and analytics into a single solution. This module helps you provide a great candidate experience, streamline recruiting processes, and enable data-driven decision-making.


  • Applicant tracking system (ATS). Manage the recruitment process, from job posting to candidate selection.
  • Job distribution. Advertise job openings across multiple channels to reach a wider audience.
  • Candidate relationship management. Nurture relationships with potential candidates, especially for hard-to-fill and critical roles.
  • Responsive career site. Build a user-friendly platform for candidates to learn about your company and apply for jobs.
  • Analytics. Gain insights into your recruiting process to ensure data-driven decisions.
  • Global talent sourcing. Find the best talent from around the world.
  • Candidate experience. Enhance the candidate's journey, from application to onboarding.

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding helps integrate new hires into an organization and its culture. It provides access to tools and information that help new hires set goals and become productive team members.


  • Standardized onboarding processes. Provide consistent and standardized onboarding processes based on SAP Best Practices.
  • Self-service. Allow new hires to complete necessary paperwork, including electronic signatures, on any device.
  • Regulatory compliance. Timely react to changes in legislation.
  • Cross-boarding and offboarding. Support all employee movements(like internal transfers and employees leaving) in a streamlined and efficient way.
  • Real-time people insights. Gain insights into your onboarding process to make data-driven decisions.
  • Personalized and interactive features. Engage and retain new hires with personalized, interactive, and engaging features.
  • Digital experience. Bring your supporting systems, processes, and people into an intuitive digital experience accessible from anywhere, on any device.

The Performance and Goals module of SAP SuccessFactors helps align, assess, and optimize employee performance and align employee goals with the company's strategic goals.


  • Goal alignment. Help employees and managers align individual goals to the company's business objectives.
  • Performance evaluations. Conduct accurate and bias-free employee evaluations.
  • Recognition of top talent. Recognize top talent and continuously improve workforce performance.
  • Continuous feedback and coaching. Develop your employees' skills and help managers provide meaningful feedback and coaching.
  • Performance calibration. Calibrate performance by reviewing ratings across the company.
  • Leadership cultivation. Cultivate leaders and clearly identify not just high performers but potential future leaders.
  • Employee engagement and retention. Deliver meaningful reviews to help ensure employee engagement and retention.
  • Real-time people insights. Gain real-time people insights with employee goals and performance management.

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation integrates talent management and payroll systems, making it easier to identify and fairly compensate high-performing employees. It displays employee earnings, hours worked, and roles performed. Budgets are easily managed for real-time salary adjustments. The module can help you build and manage strategic compensation programs that align with the needs of your employees, your business, and your budget.


  • Compensation planning. Support salary and long-term incentive planning.
  • Variable pay (bonus) planning. Support short-term incentive planning.
  • Reward and recognition. Support cash-based and point-based peer-to-peer award programs.
  • Salary planning. High-level steps for planning salaries.
  • Compensation program design. Optimize your compensation programs with advanced modeling and forecasting capabilities based on best practices.
  • Bonus planning process. Standardize the bonus planning process and break down how the total bonus payout was calculated.
  • Employee reward and recognition. Manage rewards and compensation with real-time insights using a single, unified solution.
  • Compliance. Ensure that your organization meets all necessary compliance requirements.

SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning (CDP) empowers employees with a wide range of development and career planning activities. It provides managers with standardized methods to track the success of their direct reports. The module supports processes that detect, prevent, or eliminate the influence of bias, helping organizations achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.


  • Development plans. Employees and managers can add, view, and update their development goals.
  • Career worksheets. Allow employees to select a future role and compare their current competencies with the ones required for the future role.
  • Career paths. Help employees identify interesting future job roles.
  • Mentoring. Connect employees of different career levels in a development relationship where a more experienced person mentors a less experienced person.
  • Personal growth. Supports employees in undertaking relevant development activities and ensuring follow-through on development plans.
  • Corrective remedies. Helps in closing competency gaps with time-bound development plans.

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development helps identify and develop the talent they need to achieve their business goals. It provides visibility and planning capabilities to support future growth by creating succession plans and nominating the most suitable candidates.


  • Talent pool management. Group suitable successors together for a particular job role.
  • Succession org chart. Provide an interactive display to graphically view the employment health of a team or a talent pool.
  • Talent search. Search for talents across the organization.
  • Presentation and calibration features. Facilitate discussions between managers and HR representatives about the suitability of specific potential successors.
  • Development plans and opportunities. Connect development plans and opportunities to succession and talent gaps to ensure a smooth transition when key employees move on.
  • Leaders' accountability. Include leaders in developing successors and hold them accountable for the process.
  • Talent pipelines. Identifies and groups talent pipelines for filling positions.
  • Role-person nomination. Nominate successors by role/person.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) allows users to develop, manage, and access learning content via various channels, including offline and mobile.


  • Continuous learning experiences. Provide learners with clear development paths and help them develop their skills through learning linked to clear development goals, career paths, assigned profiles, and recommendations.
  • Corporate training. Offer skills-based learning and development opportunities to help employees stay compliant, remain relevant, and prepare for the future.
  • Learner experience. Allow employees to consume learning conveniently with an intuitive and engaging experience.
  • Compliance training. Ensure that your organization meets all necessary compliance requirements.
  • Content and innovations. Get regular updates on the latest learning content and innovations.
  • Skills-driven learning. Focus on building and strengthening the relevant skills of the workforce.
  • Security model. Benefit from a unique security model to control data access.

The People Analytics module of SAP SuccessFactors is a comprehensive solution for reporting, workforce analytics, and workforce planning. It integrates with SAP Analytics Cloud, marking an evolution of SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics.


  • Role-based permission. Manage access to different sets of information required in a report.
  • Filters. Filter out different sets of information you require in a report.
  • Drill down. Explore more details about what has been included in the report.
  • Scheduling. Schedule/send out action reports when necessary.
  • Interactive. Dashboards and Tiles feature enables managers to view a summary of information for their teams.
  • Save time with templates. Report templates are available for all SAP SuccessFactors suite core areas, including Performance, Goals, Succession, Recruiting, and Employee Central.
  • Simulate and predict. Predicts what could happen next.

Why ACBaltica?

  1. SAP SuccessFactors Expertise. ACBaltica has a proven track record of connecting employees with SAP SuccessFactors and boosting the HR Department's effectiveness.
  2. Compliance with SAP standards. ACBaltica is a certified SAP Platinum Partner and a Partner Center of Expertise. Thus, SAP has confirmed that we provide the highest level of SAP-related services in compliance with SAP standards.
  3. Flexible and agile. We'll promptly dive into your project and adjust to your internal processes and procedures, regulations, and compliance to help you maximize the potential of SAP solutions.
  4. Deep expertise in SAP solutions. For over 20 years, we've been working with only SAP solutions – so we can help you either implement any of SuccessFactors modulesб or integrate them with other SAP products and applications.
  5. Competitive prices. With our delivery center in Eastern Europe, we can guarantee that our price-to-quality ratio will fit both your needs and budget.


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