S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition

Enjoy the benefits of a highly flexible ERP solution with extended geographical reach and no costs on hardware.

SAP S/4 HANA Private Cloud edition is the on-premise version of the software but hosted in the cloud (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Alibaba Cloud). Just like the on-premise solution, the private cloud edition is highly flexible. It is designed to fit the needs of any enterprise, including those with complicated and unique business processes. The updates happen every two years (and they require preparation and support). The payments include both licenses and fees for using the cloud. The control over the software and its customization is all yours – yet you benefit from the flexibility and scalability gained with cloud deployment.

The solution targets large enterprises looking for highly flexible customization. Since the cloud deployment extends geographical reach, the S/4HANA Private Cloud edition is a good fit for companies that have offices worldwide.

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Benefits of S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition

  • Enhanced Security

    With S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition, you have more control over security measures, data access, and compliance. Such an approach is crucial for lines of businesses dealing with sensitive information and with a need to comply with regulatory requirements (banking, medicine, and more).

  • Customization

    The private cloud deployment allows for greater customization of the S/4HANA system to meet specific business needs. You can custom-tailor the solution to your unique processes and workflows.

  • Flexibility

    With SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition, you get a flexible IT solution and complete control of your core business applications.

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