SAP Performance Optimization Service

Whenever you get claims that your SAP solution is running slow, consider SAP optimization service to improve your system performance with no further investments in infrastructure.
SAP Performance Optimization

Why does your business application's performance matter? Well, everyone knows that a slow system could lead to downtime and frustration. Let's be honest: the chances that people will remain motivated while working with an app with a long response time are very low. In the worst-case scenario, a slow system not only deprives you of people's enthusiasm but also influences critical business processes, causing you overtime, production delays, and, eventually, financial loss. You didn't expect that when you invested in software, right?

But the good news is you can avoid risks if you regularly ensure your system runs smoothly and fast. And guess what? Optimization of your SAP system does not always require huge investments. Let us explain how it works.

Signs you need SAP Performance Optimization

The majority of SAP users report performance issues. But the truth is that SAP products were designed to run smoothly and fast and increase the productivity of any business, not the opposite. Problems with speed and performance are not a given feature; in many cases, they are the outcome of poor performance optimization and can be (and should be!) solved.

Let's see what problems might be caused by a non-performance-optimized system:


Business KPIs are not met due to low system performance and slow processing of a significant number of transactions.

For example, you notice that mass mailing takes way longer than reasonable (i.e., 20 hours – true story!), which means that you're unable to execute marketing campaigns in a timely manner.

The performance of one or more system components is less than optimal, or they become unavailable.

Components underperforming or facing unavailability issues impede workflow efficiency. A real-life example: server load for the e-storefront is over 60% – while the after-mitigation load would be about 20%. We successfully addressed the issue with SAP performance optimization.

Resource consumption while executing specific processes or during specific times of the day is extremely high.

You notice that some task that usually performs fine slows down in a rush hour. That is a strong reason for a deeper investigation!

The system has performance problems with transactions that normally perform well – after upgrades, implementation of new releases, etc.

Performance problems that occur after system upgrades or new releases indicate optimization needs.

Red SAP EarlyWatch Alert.

Never ignore this one! Taking action upon receiving this alert can prevent further performance deterioration.
Benefits of SAP Performance Optimization Service

According to the Gartner report, an abrupt IT system downtime can cost a business about $5,600 per minute (over $300,000 per hour). Another survey by IDC estimates that system outages can cost an enterprise even more: between $500,000 to over $1 million per hour. But the good news is you can avoid these risks! The key is prioritizing your system's health, ensuring it is properly optimized, and proactively monitoring it to prevent future risks.

SAP Performance Optimization helps you:
Increase system performance
Boost your system's speed and responsiveness, leading to improved business KPIs and seamless transaction processing.
Improve user experience
Ensure a smooth and efficient experience for all users interacting with your SAP system.
Enhance system stability and address performance bottlenecks
Address underlying performance issues to enhance stability and minimize system downtime.
Save infrastructure costs and decrease TCO
Reduce infrastructure costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by optimizing existing resources effectively.
What is an SAP Performance Optimization Service?

In general, SAP performance optimization aims to enhance the performance of data processing and analytics operations to achieve faster and more efficient results. It focuses on improving data workflows' speed, scalability, and resource utilization. During this service, we explore all possible aspects that could cause performance issues, including the SAP application server, database, network, or even hardware.

Also, it deals with both Business Process Optimization and Technical Scope Optimization:
Since SAP Performance Optimization is a complex and extensive process, it consists of four stages:

The first and compulsory stage of SAP Performance Optimization. It helps to identify problematic areas and create a roadmap for further actions. It is crucial to assess system health, uncover inefficiencies, and ensure optimal performance, addressing issues that may hinder business processes and profitability.

It can be performed within two weeks, costing about €6.000.

  • System workload analysis
  • Identification of resource bottlenecks
  • Optimization recommendations


A document containing recommendations to ensure better performance of your system.

At this stage, we'd address the challenges discovered during the performance audit with custom development or implementation of SAP notes. We might find it impossible to fix the issue without changing the standard SAP code – in that case, we'd escalate the problem to SAP. But no worries: we'll manage the communication with SAP support services (since we are already aware of all the details) to ensure fast and effective problem-solving.

  • Custom development aimed to meet business challenges and increase performance
  • Implementation of SAP notes addressing audit findings
  • Escalation to SAP for standard code issues and ensuring the problem is fixed


Optimization of system performance, elimination of bottlenecks, and reduced time taken by critical processes affecting system performance.

Since the performance issues were addressed earlier, at this stage, we'll focus on proactive monitoring and prevention of any performance issues in the future. Monitoring is vital to visually illustrate system performance, allowing for timely reactions to potential issues and ensuring seamless operations. With this service, you gain control over your SAP system performance and ensure you won't face costly surprises.

  • Setup of technical and business metrics to track the system's performance
  • Configuration of system performance dashboard
  • Setup of critical alerts for proactive issue prevention


A dashboard that visually illustrates system performance and enables proper and timely reaction to issues.

Sometimes, you might need to upgrade your infrastructure to address some of the SAP performance issues. At this stage, we focus on analyzing hardware load and making recommendations for future upgrades. It's crucial for forecasting hardware utilization, ensuring scalability, and planning the most effective infrastructure set up to support system growth and performance demands.

  • Analysis of hardware load profiles
  • Prediction of system performance under increased workload
  • System stress-testing to determine hardware bottleneck


Forecast on hardware utilization based on the database/hardware utilization growth; recommendations on the most effective infrastructure setup.

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Why choose ACBaltica?
For 20+ years, we've been working with SAP products – and we have practical experience with all major SAP modules and best practices for dozens of industries. Our unique approach towards SAP performance optimization integrates business process optimization and technical performance seamlessly, ensuring comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for your SAP ecosystem. Whether serving as your dedicated SAP partner or collaborating with your existing team, our deep-rooted knowledge enables us to tackle intricate performance issues effectively. Choosing ACBaltica means choosing a specialized team dedicated to enhancing your SAP performance through targeted and effective optimization strategies.
We don't separate optimization of business processes (BPO) and technical performance (TPO) – instead, we explore the performance in general. It helps us find optimal solutions – like fixing technical issues by optimizing business processes and vice versa.
Dedicated team
We dive deep into your current challenges and are dedicated to working until problems are solved. We work closely with your internal teams, ensuring transparency of the whole process so you can track it through.
Price-to-Quality ratio
We are flexible, and with our delivery center in Eastern Europe, we can guarantee that our price-to-quality ratio will fit both your needs and budget.
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