SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) streamlines financial planning, budgeting, legal and management consolidation processes. It allows you to spend less time closing your books and focus on growing your business.

SAP BPC is a unified platform that integrates planning, budgeting, and financial consolidation. It helps businesses reduce cycle times, improve accuracy, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. By automating key financial processes and providing real-time access to data, SAP BPC enables better decision-making and enhances overall business agility. Users can easily collaborate across departments, ensuring that plans and forecasts are aligned with strategic goals. Additionally, SAP BPC supports both cloud and on-premise deployment, offering flexibility to suit different business needs. This solution empowers organizations to respond quickly to market changes, drive performance, and achieve their financial objectives efficiently.

Benefits of SAP BPC

  • Integrated Planning and Consolidation

    One single platform that combines planning, budgeting, financial and management consolidation to reduce complexity and improve operational efficiency.

  • Data-driven decisions

    With real-time access to financial data, advanced analytics, what-if analyses, and scenario planning, you can make informed decisions quickly and ensure better outcomes.

  • Improved collaboration

    SAP BPC facilitates enhanced collaboration across departments by providing a unified planning, budgeting, and financial reporting platform. This approach ensures more accurate plans and forecasts and, initially, drives business success.

  • Operational efficiency

    By automating planning, budgeting, and consolidation processes, SAP BPC reduces the time and effort required for financial management. Reduce cycle times, accelerate the book-closing process, and align your plans with strategic objectives!

  • Financial accuracy and compliance

    Ensure that your financial data is accurate and compliant with regulatory standards – thanks to robust tools for precise financial reporting and adherence to regulatory standards.

Key capabilities of SAP BPC

Consolidation and central governance of master data

SAP BPC offers a robust platform for long-range planning, allowing businesses to create plans spanning multiple years with flexible periodicity (e.g., week, month, quarter year, etc.). By integrating strategic, operational, and financial processes, SAP BPC enables comprehensive planning that combines both financial and non-financial information. This integration ensures a cohesive approach, aligning high-level strategic plans with budgets and forecasts, thereby enhancing overall business planning efficiency. Integrating with SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to extend the solution with additional visualization, enhanced planning, and predictive capabilities.

Consolidation and central governance of master data

The software enhances budgeting and forecasting by supporting both top-down and bottom-up budget development, allowing for a comprehensive and collaborative process. It facilitates the creation of multiple budget versions through iterative cycles, ensuring alignment and accuracy.

Consolidation and central governance of master data

The solution enhances forecasting by supporting rolling forecasts, allowing businesses to project 12-18 months (or even more) into the future. It seamlessly integrates actual and forecast periods into one version, facilitating efficient reporting and analysis. Additionally, SAP BPC's what-if modeling and scenario planning capabilities enable real-time assessments and swift updates to forecasts, ensuring businesses can adapt quickly to changing conditions and make informed decisions.

Consolidation and central governance of master data

SAP BPC offers robust consolidation capabilities, including data import from different sources. It integrates data from various sources and ERP solutions (including SAP S/4HANA and non-SAP systems), supporting comprehensive P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements for both internal and external reporting. It also provides valuable consolidation features, like currency translation, intercompany eliminations, and adjustments. By automating the consolidation process, SAP BPC ensures a fast, accurate close and meets all financial reporting requirements, providing a complete audit trail.

Legal and management reporting and analyses
Consolidation and central governance of master data

The solution supports various reporting and analysis formats, including real-time what-if scenarios and dynamic modeling in Excel. Users can easily create ad-hoc and production reports, including financial statements, tailored to specific needs. Additionally, BPC's book publication wizard and integration with SAP Analytics Cloud provide enhanced visualization and distribution capabilities, engaging stakeholders across the enterprise.

Scalability and Flexibility
Consolidation and central governance of master data

Available in both cloud and on-premise options, SAP BPC offers the flexibility to grow with your business. This scalability ensures the solution can adapt to changing business requirements and support long-term growth.

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