SAP Emarsys

Benefits of SAP Emarsys

  • Increase your income

    by aligning customer engagement strategies with your business goals

  • Ensure personalized omnichannel communication

    to build trust and customer loyalty

  • Gain business insights

    to increase customer lifetime value and drive business growth

  • Easily and effortlessly start marketing, retention, and loyalty campaigns; increase average check or lifetime value –

    with the industry-specific best practices integrated into the solution

Key capabilities

Centralized and optimized customer data

Centralized and optimized customer data
  • Unified customer data from product, sales, marketing, and service departments for the 360-degree customer view
  • AI-powered tools to deliver personalized content and offers to increase conversion and loyalty
Marketing optimization

Marketing optimization
  • Automation of marketing campaigns across all channels (e-mail, web, SMS, mobile, PPC, in-store, and more)
  • Sophisticated intelligence and analytics, AI-powered tools to predict campaign performance
  • Over 60 built-in use cases for better campaign optimization
Support for customer loyalty

Support for customer loyalty
  • Omnichannel communication, consistent messaging
  • Smart customer segmentation for personalized offers and growth of customer lifetime value

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