SAP Sales Cloud

Empower your sales teams with the tools that will help them effectively build relationships with
customers and eventually increase customer loyalty and lifetime value – and your company income.

SAP Sales Cloud is a solution that allows managing day-to-day sales contacts efficiently by sending and receiving signals between front- and back-office solutions and providing a single view of the customer. Increase the efficiency of your sales team with a UI-friendly app that allows you to perform the same actions with far less effort (clicks, time spent, etc.).

Benefits of SAP Sales Cloud

  • Get insights about your customers

    Make every interaction count– no matter the device. Engage with your customers in real-time, manage your activities, and track performance, even offline.

  • Engage customers everywhere, at every step of their interaction with your brand

    Connect with your customers in a personal and meaningful way – all with instant access to the back-office data and a complete view of all customer information.

  • Improve your sales process

    Add contacts, update records, and discover new opportunities automatically. Serve as a trusted advisor with AI recommendations personalized to each deal.

  • Gain meaningful insights

    with powerful analytics that allow you to track and evaluate your sales team's performance in real-time.

  • Enable your sales team to sell anywhere and anytime:

    with access to all product and customer information from mobile devices, they can stay connected when out of the office – even offline.

Key capabilities

Sales force automation

Sales force automation
  • Support lead, opportunity, account, and territory management.
  • Manage quotes, orders, and contracts and synchronize customer information across Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail.
  • Avoid end-of-quarter surprises with interactive dashboards and embedded real-time customer analytics.
  • Easily create a B2B self-service portal for your employees and your company’s clients.
  • Enable contact center – quickly and with low effort – all thanks to the solution already integrated into the SAP Sales Cloud.
Collaborative and connected front and back office

Collaborative and connected front and back office
  • Access back-office quote-to-cash information in real-time with native integration with SAP ERP, SAP CPQ, and SAP Commissions.
  • Accelerate sales cycles by enabling close collaboration between sales teams, internal experts, customers, and partners with built-in integration to SAP Jam Collaboration.
Field sales and retail execution transformation

Field sales and retail execution transformation
  • Maximize productivity with route optimization and personalized activity plans for each visit.
  • Optimize store execution and buying experiences with recommendations on shelf placement and product promotions.
  • Analyze productivity, trends, and competitive pricing, and define improvement plans.

SAP Sales Cloud Interface


Aluminium production holding aimed to improve retail sales in the dealership network. Creating a unified CRM, ACBaltica helped to solve the problem.


Large aluminium production holding experienced a growing demand for its products. To handle it, the company implemented a unified CRM in its entities.

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