ECC stands for Enterprise Core Component – For years, this software helped thousands of companies around the globe to integrate their business processes and data for easier management and real-time insights.

Thanks to ECC, any update in a specific area of business (like sales) triggers updates in related areas (say, manufacturing), allowing you to make data-driven decisions. Designed for medium and large-sized companies, ECC perfectly suits dozens of industries: manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, and more.

SAP ECC consists of several functional components – you can implement them in any combination, depending on your needs:
Finance and Controlling (FICO)
These two modules handle financial accounting, reporting, cost planning, and monitoring. These two components help you conveniently manage and store your financial data and transaction history and run financial analytics.
Sales and Distribution (SD)
Not only does this module help you manage sales and distribution, but it also handles customer returns, billing, and credit issuance.
Materials Management (MM)
The component is designed to manage the procurement of materials and services from suppliers and inventory processes.
Production Planning (PP)
The module helps you align demand with manufacturing capacity to plan product manufacturing, sales, and distribution effectively. It also allows you to manage the production process.
Quality Management (QM)
The module integrates procurement, production, sales, and equipment maintenance processes and helps to organize the quality control process.
Plant Maintenance (PM)
The component helps you monitor machines and functional locations to ensure they work correctly.
Customer Services (CS)
With this module, you can manage maintenance services for customer equipment.
Project System (PS)
A module for managing complex projects (like setting up a new manufacturing plant) or monitoring a plant's maintenance. It helps you allocate and plan all project costs and revenue correctly and within the budget.
Human Capital Management (HCM)
The module has all it takes for people management: payroll, time management, attendance and leave control, career development, travel, and more.

However, with all these functional modules, ECC still has some areas that are not perfectly covered – for example, you might not be satisfied with its capabilities for analytics. Another problem with ECC is that SAP has announced the end of ECC support in 2027, meaning that no updates will be available.

But we can help you with all that! With our extensive knowledge of SAP products, we help you integrate ECC with other SAP products and solutions, thus extending the functionality of your core system. For example, integration with SAP Analytics Cloud provides impressive analytics capabilities, including predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Why ACBaltica?

  1. We help you get the most out of your ERP system. With the end of support of ECC in 2027, you will no longer have any updates, and no cutting-edge functionalities will be available for ECC users. But we can help you deal with that! We can integrate your SAP ECC with any SAP product or solution (including SAP BTP), ensuring the unlimited capabilities of your core system.
  2. Extensive knowledge of SAP solutions and products. We've worked with SAP solutions for over 20+ years and know all versions released since then. We can help you find a perfect solution to modify your ECC to suit all your needs.
  3. Variety of services. With a legacy solution like SAP ECC, you will need many customizations to ensure your ERP still supports all your business processes – and we can help you with that! Custom development, system support, or even an external SAP team – we can do all that and more!
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