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For over 20 years, we’ve been developing, implementing, and supporting enterprise-level software solutions based on SAP products. With hundreds of successfully completed projects in dozens of industries, we know how to make the most of SAP solutions and turn them into added value for your business.
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Why work with us
  • Flexible and agile
    Flexible and agile
    Every business is unique: so is our approach toward every customer. Whether you’re an SME with dozens of employees, or a large enterprise with thousands of workers, we can help you leverage the potential of SAP solutions
  • Deep expertise in SAP solutions
    Deep expertise in SAP solutions
    For over 20 years, we’ve been working with SAP solutions only. We know how to custom tailor SAP products for any size company in multiple industries. You can benefit from our experience!
  • Knowledge of all existing versions of SAP products and solutions
    Knowledge of all existing versions of SAP products and solutions
    We have experience working with a vast majority of SAP products in any existing version. If you use the outdated version of an SAP product, we will help you make the most of it – or help you migrate to the updated release
  • Competitive prices and in-depth expertise
    Competitive prices and in-depth expertise
    With our delivery center in Eastern Europe and 20+ years of experience with SAP, we can guarantee that our price-to-quality ratio will fit both your needs and budget
  • Diverse industry knowledge
    Diverse industry knowledge
    We have experience integrating SAP for 10+ industries. We know how to leverage the full potential of SAP products – no matter the industry
  • 140+ SAP developers and consultants
    140+ SAP developers and consultants
    We have enough resources to provide you with efficient assistance at any stage of your project
Stronger together
United VARs member

United VARs member

United VARs brings together over 70 market-leading SAP solution providers in 100 countries worldwide. Altogether, they run over 8000 projects globally, including 300 international SAP implementation projects.United VARs provides the best possible service and support for international roll-out and ERP optimization projects, along with the support of already implemented solutions.

Platinum SAP Partner

Platinum SAP Partner

Platinum status in the SAP PartnerEdge program is the most strategic and global partnership level. With this highest level of accreditation, SAP recognizes the exceptional level of expertise of ACBaltica’s team.

Unlocking success with the power of teamwork
Pavel Zhylko
Pavel Zhylko
Senior Partner

Business is always about people, and so is every project. Technologies are important – but at the end of the day, they are just tools; it’s always people who make them work. I’m proud of our team in ACBaltica, and I always know they will find the best tools to achieve the best possible results our clients are looking for.

Mikhail Sak
Mikhail Sak
Managing Director

I'm inspired to see how SAP products help companies change, become more effective, reach their goals with fewer resources, and eventually make the world better by empowering businesses to operate more sustainably and make a positive impact on the environment and society.

Nikolai Bogdanovich
Nikolai Bogdanovich
Business Development Manager

It's always great to see our clients keep using the solutions we implemented for them – and enjoying the results they achieve even years after the project was completed. For me, this is a reminder that the solutions we provide are not just temporary fixes but catalysts for long-lasting improvement. And it's their success that motivates us here to keep pushing the boundaries and deliver results that make a meaningful difference.

Our team is our power
Our team
Our team
Our team
Our team
Our team

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