SAP for Retail

Empower your retail business with SAP's industry-leading solutions. At ACBaltica, we bring over 20 years of expertise in optimizing business operations, enhancing customer engagement, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Explore the SAP solutions tailored for the retail sector.
SAP Solutions for Retail:
A comprehensive, cutting-edge ERP solution fine-tuned for retail, providing businesses with real-time analytics, automation capabilities and ensuring regulatory compliance.
A set of SAP products to help you control every touch point with clients and provide them with the best possible experience at every stage. The solution comprises SAP Sales and Service Cloud, SAP Emarsys for marketing needs, and SAP Customer Data Platform. It empowers you with insights based on data aggregated from your e-commerce, marketing, sales, service, and customer management systems.
SAP Marketing on-premise
A powerful and highly customizable marketing management solution, providing businesses with powerful tools for planning, executing, and analyzing marketing strategies.
SAP CRM Loyalty Management
Feature-rich solution designed to elevate customer loyalty programs and drive customer retention. With flexible loyalty program creation, personalized reward structures, and seamless integration with customer data, businesses can cultivate lasting relationships.
A comprehensive business intelligence platform that enables organizations to collect, integrate, and analyze business data for informed decision-making.
SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
A robust solution designed to optimize and automate warehouse processes, providing real-time visibility into inventory and logistics.

Benefits of SAP for Retail industry

Some additional capabilities of SAP software solutions for the retail industry include:

  • Increase in customer loyalty and LTV

    Provide a better experience at every stage of your interaction with customers, and custom-tailor your communications and services to suit the needs of every user.

  • Comprehensive analytics and reports

    Master integrated data from various sources and make fast data-driven decisions based on visual and user-friendly reports.

  • Fast time to market

    Quickly create new products and services and prove their viability.

  • AI capabilities

    Benefit from predictive analytics and save time and resources with AI-generated content.

  • Cost reduction

    Optimize processes for higher profitability.

  • Adaptability to change

    Stay agile in a dynamic market with SAP's adaptive solutions.

  • Omni-channel capabilities
    Integrate all your online and offline channels for a consistent customer experience.
  • And more!

Why choose ACBaltica?

For over two decades, we've been working with SAP products only – and we have practical experience with all main SAP modules, including those implemented for the retail industry.

  1. 20+ years of experience. We know all the versions released since the early 2000s, and we've implemented them in dozens of industries – including retail.
  2. Knowledge of all versions of major SAP products. We can help you customize and support your existing SAP solution for retail or integrate it with other systems and applications – no matter the version.
  3. In-depth expertise. With our knowledge of all major SAP products and experience in different industries, we can suggest the best possible solution regarding timing and resources.
  4. Flexible and agile team. Regardless of what service you buy from ACBaltica, we have a unique approach for every business we work with, whether big or small.
  5. Competitive price-quality ratio. With our delivery center in Eastern Europe, we guarantee to offer you competitive prices – and exceptional quality.

And look at the fantastic results our clients have already achieved thanks to our implemented solutions! Here are a few success stories from our portfolio:

Large retail chain which has 35 commercial facilities inclusive 10 shops, 21 supermarket, 4 hypermarkets.


Having faced the growth, retail chain wanted to cut time on manual operations and streamline processes. To accomplish it, the company implemented a set of SAP solutions.

To improve customer engagement, the retail chainneeded to upgrade marketing and loyalty management. The retailer radically transformed these aspects after the implementation of SAP solutions.
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