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In B2B sales, effective customer management is paramount. However, traditional methods often bog down sales managers with manual order processing, leaving little time for acquiring new clients. Our B2B Customer Portal addresses this challenge by empowering your B2B customers with self-service capabilities to manage their account information, place orders and track their statuses, receive custom quotes, submit support tickets, re-order from the order history, and more. Eventually, this tool helps boost sales team efficiency, increasing customer loyalty and driving business growth.

Do you know how much time your salespeople dedicate to processing customer orders? If you still don’t have these processes automated, you’ll be surprised how much time and resources your people spend just to ensure that the order is paid, shipped and delivered. And we didn’t even mention those cases when customers need to customize their orders, change their company details, or negotiate discounts – meaning that your sales manager needs to be involved at every stage, answer every question, and settle every issue. The time spent on these interactions is enormous!

Now imagine that you can automate most of those processes and free up your managers, finally allowing them to concentrate on acquiring new customers and increasing sales. And there’s more: your customers would also be happy as they acquire self-service capabilities and can manage their orders themselves!

The B2B Customer Portal allows you to do all that and more. We designed it to boost B2B sales by leveraging the capabilities of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

Key capabilities of the B2B Customer Portal

Our B2B Customer Portal targets both sales managers and their customers, so let's examine the portal’s capabilities for each group individually.

For B2B Customers

Centralized and optimized customer data

  • Account management features. Allow your customers to effortlessly manage their company data through their personal accounts on the portal.
  • Self-ordering system. Enable customers to place their orders independently through an intuitive interface. They can do it anytime, no matter the time zone—and without engaging any of your salespeople!
  • Personalized price lists. Provide your customers with access to tailored price lists to ensure they receive the most relevant pricing information.
  • Order status tracking. Empower your customers with detailed real-time information on the status of their orders and order details: they will receive email notifications on any changes in order status.
  • Order history overview. Save the history of all customer orders in their personal account on the portal to ensure information transparency and effortless re-ordering.
  • Re-ordering capabilities. Allow your customers to seamlessly re-order from their order history.
  • Service requests and support. In case of any issues, your customers will be able to submit service requests and get prompt assistance with their orders.
For sales managers

Centralized and optimized customer data

  • Unified order processing. Streamline order acceptance and processing through a single, integrated online platform. No more Excel sheets and endless emails!
  • Comprehensive product information. Provide customers with all the necessary data about products and services, including personalized price lists. There is no need to manually align every step of the order!
  • Automated order notifications. Automate notifications about statuses to keep customers updated in real time. Salespeople don’t have to be distracted every time the customer needs to know about their order status.
  • Customer service management tools. Equip your team with advanced tools for managing customer service. This includes handling inquiries, tracking issues, and ensuring prompt resolutions to enhance customer support.
  • Integrated sales analytics. Leverage a comprehensive sales data and analytics system through integration with SAP Sales & Service Cloud. This provides valuable insights to drive sales strategies and improve overall business performance.

Solution Interface demo

Benefits of B2B Customer Portal

With B2B Customer Portal, you can completely change your approach towards sales processes and finally enable your managers to focus on what’s important for every business: bringing in new customers and driving profits. Basically, you gain an easy-to-use self-service platform for your B2B customers that allows you to streamline your order processing. The best thing is you don’t need to sacrifice the quality of service provided to existing customers. On the opposite: with this tool, you can increase their satisfaction and loyalty!

Here’s a brief list of the solution’s benefits:

  • Increased sales efficiency

    Reduce the burden on sales managers by automating manual order processing tasks, enabling them to focus on acquiring new customers and increasing profits.

  • Enhanced customer experience

    Empower your B2B customers with self-service capabilities, allowing them to manage their accounts, place orders, track statuses, and request service conveniently.

  • Improved order accuracy

    With customers’ access to up-to-date product catalogs and personalized price lists, you can minimize errors and ensure accurate order placements.

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