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Put the customer first, they say. But what exactly that means for the business? How can you do it in an enterprise without stopping and breaking all these running processes? Check SAP Customer Experience Suite for the answers.

SAP created Customer Experience Suite to help you ensure the best customer experience in whatever field: sales, customer management, marketing, or service. You will gain a 360°-view of each client profile and lots of tools to increase the accuracy of your marketing communication, service and product offers, sales funnel, customer management, and more. Our team, with 20+ years of experience with an SAP portfolio and 13+ years with CX products, will help you make the most of this cutting-edge software and configure it to suit the unique needs of your business. Offer your customers exactly what they need, when they need, and via whatever channel that's convenient for them; support the growth of your business – with SAP CX Suite and ACBaltica.

What is Customer Experience Suite?

The SAP Customer Experience Suite (SAP CX solutions) aims to help you control every touch point with your clients and provide them with the best possible experience – from the first moment of brand awareness to any interaction with your service or product teams long after the initial sale. The solution empowers you with insights based on data aggregated from your e-commerce, marketing, sales, service, and customer management systems.

Benefits of SAP CX Suite
 Benefits of SAP CX Suite
Unified customer data and omnichannel communication. Collect all customer data across your enterprise and ensure you get all valuable insights. Extend your sales, service, or marketing processes to channels that are convenient for your customers.
 AI-enabled customer profiles
AI-enabled customer profiles. Use artificial intelligence to build customer profiles that help you truly understand your clients and predict their behavior. Enable effective customer segmentation to create best-fitting product and service offers.
 Tools to win the trust and gain loyalty
Tools to win the trust and gain loyalty. Based on AI-created profiles, treat every customer like the only one, and engage them on every point of the customer journey – on their terms and while respecting their privacy preferences. Retain and upsell existing clients using machine learning and smart automation tools.
 End-to-end business models to scale and future-proof your business
End-to-end business models to scale and future-proof your business. Deploy end-to-end operations based on industry best practices, and sell your products and services anywhere – on the terms your customers expect.
 GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance. Ensure GDPR compliance without complex data privacy configurations.
 Reach your customers everywhere
Reach your customers everywhere. Enable your sales and service processes on mobile devices and allow your field workers to provide services outside the offices – including offline.

The SAP CX Suite can enhance every aspect of your business – that is why it is so powerful. It consists of five modules that together represent all touchpoints of a customer journey: Sales, Marketing, E-commerce, Service, and Customer Data. These cloud applications can be deployed individually or in any combination. And although they already include best practices from hundreds of industries, you can still custom-tailor them to suit the business processes in your company and your unique goals.

SAP Sales Cloud

Enable sales teams to spend more time in front of customers and empower them with intelligent recommendations to help win deals. The SAP Sales Cloud solution enables you to manage day-to-day sales contacts efficiently by sending and receiving signals between front- and back-office solutions and providing a single view of the customer. Increase the efficiency of your sales team with a UI-friendly app that allows you to perform the same actions with far less effort (clicks, time spent, etc.).

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SAP Service Cloud

Ensure the loyalty of your customers by accelerating your service processes and improving their efficiency. With SAP Service Cloud, your service teams gain access to complete and contextual customer information to provide the best customer service experience and reduce issue resolution time. And there's even more: all that information is available online or offline for your field workers.

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SAP Emarsys

SAP Emarsys Customer Experience integrates customer data, tools for omnichannel communication, AI-powered personalized approach, and predictive analytics. The tool allows your marketing team effectively engage customers with your product or service at every point of their journey. With the industry-specific best practices already integrated into the solution, you can start effective marketing, lead generation, retention, or loyalty campaigns quickly and with no effort.

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SAP Customer Data Platform

Ensure you understand your customers' experience and how they want to be engaged with your product or service – with any level of personalization while securely protecting the data. All customer data is centralized, and you gain real-time insights and dynamic segmentation to target and (re)engage customers across all touchpoints.

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Why choose ACBaltica?

  1. Over 13 years of experience with SAP CX Suite. We started working with SAP Customer Experience products ever since their first release. We know different versions of them: from CRM 7.0 EHP0 to Sales&Service Cloud. We have successfully implemented dozens of SAP CX projects in different lines of business (like telco, retail, bank, and more), and we help you find the best solution based on the industry's best practices.
  2. Flexible and agile. We'll promptly dive into your project and adjust to your internal processes and procedures, regulations, and compliance to help you leverage the potential of SAP solutions.
  3. The team. We have a team of over 45+ experts working with SAP CX projects – and over 100 employees to help you with other SAP products.
  4. Deep expertise in SAP solutions. For over 20 years, we've been working with only SAP solutions – so we can help you integrate your SAP CX solution with other SAP products you have or implement new products and applications if needed. We have experience working with international enterprise-level clients in many countries (also as subcontractors).
  5. Competitive prices. With our delivery center in Eastern Europe, we can guarantee that our price-to-quality ratio will fit both your needs and budget.


SAP helps businesses put the customer first
SAP helps businesses put the customer first

What does annoy you, as a customer, the most? Being spammed with irrelevant calls and messages? Or, on the opposite, being ignored by the product or service provider? Too long waiting for your problem to be solved or for your ...

ACBaltica is a Platinum SAP Partner
ACBaltica is a Platinum SAP Partner

ACBaltica has been granted Platinum status in the SAP PartnerEdge program – the most strategic and global partnership level.

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