SAP Development & Integration

Even though SAP solutions can be customized in many different ways, they still might have process gaps or missing functionalities. Thanks to the SAP open architecture, these gaps can be easily filled with SAP custom development – and this is when our team comes into play
SAP Development & Integration

With our 20+ years of experience with SAP solutions, we can help you tailor standard SAP solutions to your unique needs. We can adjust standard functionality to support your processes, develop custom code to integrate third-party apps with your SAP system, or even create new apps, reports, interfaces, programs, and more.

Why do you need custom development for the SAP project?

SAP products have an open architecture and can be customized to adapt to the needs of every business. In some cases, minor configurations would work; sometimes, you need to develop new modules and applications – and integrate these with the existing infrastructure.

Here's what our SAP development team can do for you:
Enhance functionality of the original SAP software
Your company might have unique business processes caused by local regulations, a competitive environment, and more. With SAP custom development, you can fill these gaps, ensuring a better fit of your SAP solutions and their improved efficiency and a competitive advantage over the businesses that use standard SAP software.
Reports, validations, accounting forms
Custom-developed SAP reports provide relevant insights, KPIs, and analytics tailored to your organization's needs, enabling better decision-making and analysis. With custom-developed validations, you ensure the accuracy and integrity of data entered into the system. And customization of accounting forms allows you to automate and simplify complex financial processes.
Integration development, including integration with the other SAP products you use and the 3rd party apps
Integration of your SAP solution with third-party apps allows you to increase the performance and functionality of your SAP system, enable seamless data flow, build streamlined business processes, ensure scalability, improve collaboration, and more.
App development and process automation
Whether you need to refine the existing SAP applications or develop a new one, we are here for you. We'll identify feature gaps, analyze the requirements and suggest the solution that perfectly fits your needs and can be performed with the best price-quality ratio.
Custom-developed interfaces create a tailored user experience and personalized views, increasing performance. They also allow you to provide your system users with expanded functionality by integrating additional features, tools, or modules, allowing organizations to meet specific business needs.
Custom code adjustment while conversion to S/4HANA, code review and code standards
If you were previously using SAP ECC with custom-developed modules and now migrate to S/4HANA, you'll need our help to adjust the custom code to the new solution. We can also do code reviews for any custom development you have – and even create coding standards for your company.
Why choose ACBaltica?
For 20+ years, we've been working with SAP products – and we have practical experience with all major SAP modules and best practices for dozens of industries. We can either become your SAP-dedicated partner or cooperate with the one you already have, complementing their experience and competencies with our expertise. And there's even more: we have a delivery center in Eastern Europe which allows us to offer competitive rates along with a high level of expertise.
20+ years of experience with SAP products
We know all the versions released since the early 2000s, and we've implemented them in dozens of industries.
In-depth expertise
All our developers are generalists. Knowing more than just one technology stack allows them to see your challenge from a different angle and increases the chances of finding a solution that would work for you.
Different models of cooperation
You can hire our developers to work exclusively on your project, or a team of developers engaged in your project along with some others. With the second approach, ACBaltica will keep working on your project no matter vacations, sick leaves, etc.
A full range of SAP-related services
Since our consultants have a deep knowledge of SAP products, they might find and offer you a non-obvious solution that goes beyond custom development: like implementing additional modules or apps – all to save you time and money!
Flexible and agile team
Regardless of what service you buy from ACBaltica, we have a unique approach for every business we work with, no matter big or small.
Competitive price-quality ratio
With our delivery center in Eastern Europe, we guarantee to offer you competitive prices – and exceptional quality.
Frequently asked questions about SAP Development

The primary language in SAP development is ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming). While ABAP is used to develop the backend of SAP applications, some other languages might also be involved in SAP programming – like Java, JavaScript, or HTML (mostly for creating user-friendly Fiory interfaces).

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a high-level programming language created exclusively for developing SAP applications. Today, it is used mainly for writing the backend of SAP software, including:

  • Reports
  • Module Pool Programming
  • Interfaces (excl. Fiory UIX)
  • Forms
  • Data conversions
  • User Exits & BADI (Business Add-In)

SAP HANA (High-performance ANalytic Appliance) is an in-memory database management system that processes large volumes of data in real time.

Unlike the previous versions of SAP databases, SAP HANA provides faster data access, querying, and processing. SAP HANA is the core element of SAP S/4HANA, a new-generation ERP system. You can also run the previous generation ERP platform, SAP ECC, on SAP HANA (in that case, it would be called Suite on HANA) – to provide faster data processing.

No matter whether you choose to convert from SAP ECC to S/4HANA or intend to keep using ECC while replacing the legacy database with SAP HANA, our developers can assist. We help you reengineer your processes to adjust them to HANA architecture or migrate you to S/4HANA – while preserving all your business processes and adapting your custom code.

Every business is unique due to specific country legislation, competitive environment, and many other factors. While SAP applications can perfectly work as is, out of the box, you can reach your goals faster if you adapt the standard solution to your unique business processes – by adding some custom-developed features.

You can use custom development for:

  • Enriching the basic functionality of standard SAP applications and processes
  • Custom-tailoring the existing processes to suit your business needs
  • Changing the UX/UIX of SAP apps
  • Integrating SAP applications with third-party apps
  • Conversion from ECC to S/4HANA

The price of custom development for SAP products depends on several factors:

  • Seniority of SAP developers. The higher the qualification, the higher the cost of the man-hour.
  • Complexity and scope of the project.

We'll determine the final price after examining your business challenges and how we can help meet them.

SAP Business Development Platform is a unique environment suited to developing and deploying new functionalities for SAP solutions and integrating them with third-party apps. And there's even more: BTP is the only way to build integrations if you're using cloud-based SAP products.

Our developers have in-depth expertise with SAP solutions, and they can help with any challenges, including app development, automation, and building integrations in the SAP Business Development Platform.

Have any questions? We will help!

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