SAP Development

For over 50 years, SAP products have helped thousands of companies from dozens of different industries worldwide to succeed. And yet, these products are not versatile. In every single case, you may need to customize them to suit your business's needs: from developing unique reports for certain legislations to creating new functionalities from scratch to fill in the gaps missed by the original software.

Thanks to the open architecture, SAP products can be customized in many ways. The only challenge you face is finding the right developer to help you custom-tailor the out-of-the-box software to your business processes. With our 20+ years of experience working with SAP solutions, we can help with all that – and many more: like creating new apps, reports, interfaces, reviewing the custom code you have and helping you to make the most from SAP solutions you already have.

SAP development

Why do you need custom development for the SAP project?

Sap products have an open architecture and can be customized to adapt to the needs of every business. In some cases, minor configurations would work; sometimes, you need to develop new modules and applications (and integrate these with the existing infrastructure!). Here's what our development team can do for you:

  • Development of specific functionalities missed by the original SAP software
  • App development and refinement
  • Reports, validations, accounting forms
  • Interfaces
  • Integration development, including integration with the other SAP products you use and the 3rd party apps.

For example, you might need our help migrating from one software release or product to another (like ECC to S/4HANA).

And the list is far from complete. If you used any custom modules in your legacy software, we'd adjust the custom development to the new solution – so that you can keep using it.

We can also do code reviews for any custom development that you have. And even more: we can create coding standards for your company. Having this document with all guidelines on custom development in your SAP solution helps you save lots of time and resources and ensure knowledge transfer even when different teams are working on your project. We strongly recommend creating coding standards in every project that we join.

Development technology stack

Our team works with a whole stack of ABAP technologies and can develop applications and integrations for any version of SAP products. At least half of our team is SAP-certified in one (or several) of these fields:

  • ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming). A high-level programming language created by SAP and used to develop SAP applications and programs, including:
    • Reports
    • Module Pool Programming
    • Interfaces
    • Forms
    • Data conversions
    • User Exits & BADI
  • SAP Fiori. Design concept enabling you to create business apps with a consumer-grade user experience – with simple and UX-friendly screens that run on every device with internet access.
  • SAPUI5. Application framework that allows you to create cross-platform responsive enterprise-ready applications using both standard SAP software components and custom modules.
  • SAP PI (Process Integration). Enterprise integration platform enabling seamless integration between SAP-created and 3rd party applications.

If you want to know how these technologies might help you create additional value for your business, do not hesitate to ask us!

Why choose ACBaltica?

You probably have a choice of teams that offer SAP development in your market. Meanwhile, here are some strong reasons to work with ACBaltica:

  • With ACBlatica, you get an experienced team with over 20 years of experience working with SAP products only. We know all the versions released since the early 2000s, and we've implemented them in dozens of industries.
  • All our developers are generalists. Knowing more than just one technology stack allows them to see your challenge from a different angle and increases the chances of finding a solution that would work for you.
  • Being an agile team, we can offer you different models of cooperation. You can hire our developers to work exclusively on your project or a team of developers engaged in your project along with some others. The second approach is more convenient since it eliminates the dependence on an employee: ACBaltica will keep working on your project no matter vacations, sick leaves, or any other circumstances.
  • And there's even more: ACBaltica offers a full range of SAP-related services. Since our consultants have a deep knowledge of SAP products, they might find and offer you a non-obvious solution for your problem, not even including custom development: like implementing additional modules or apps. At the end of the day, this approach might save you both time and money.
  • We are flexible and agile – regardless of what service you buy from ACBaltica. We have a unique approach for every business we work with, no matter big or small.
  • And remember the price-quality ratio! With our delivery center in Eastern Europe, we guarantee to offer you competitive prices – and exceptional quality.

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