ACBaltica becomes SAP partner in Baltic and Nordic countries

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We are thrilled to announce that ACBaltica has gained SAP partner status in the Baltic and Nordic countries. For over 20 years, our team has been helping major companies in East Europe to grow and increase their revenues – and now we can finally bring this experience to the new prominent market. We have a broad knowledge of SAP solutions for dozens of industries (from retail to the automotive sector), and we have expertise in a wide variety of SAP products (from S/4HANA and SAP BI to SAP Customer Experience and SAP SuccessFactors) – and now our new clients in the Baltic and Nordic countries can benefit from that. 

And there’s even more: whenever you need to buy an SAP solution, you can do it directly with ACBaltica. As easy as it seems: our experts advise you on the best options – and then our delivery team steps in and implements the solution. You can also subscribe to a support service with us (and we advise doing so!) – saving even more time and resources since it is within the same team. With this single-window approach, you make your way to implementing the world-best practices in working with data shorter and more accessible. 

Here’s just a short list of how we can help you: 

  • Consult you on any SAP solutions and how you can leverage the potential that has been enabling companies all over the globe to grow for 50+ years. 
  • Build the solution based on SAP products tailored to your industry and unique business processes.
  • Support the solutions you already have, help you change them, and enable new configurations and features.
  • Help you migrate to the new SAP products – like, from SAP EСС to S/4HANA. 
  • Sell SAP licenses for new products and solutions. 
  • “Our team has a long and successful history with SAP in Eastern Europe. The official partnership status in the new region clearly indicates that SAP acknowledges our expertise and supports our goal to invest experience and resources into the new market. We look forward to starting a new chapter of our cooperation with SAP in Baltic and Nordic countries!” says Michail Sak, managing director at ACBaltica.

    And if you need more reasons to start your SAP journey with ACBaltica, look at these: 

    • We are flexible and agile. Many companies claim the same, but we proven it by our experience. Our teams have worked with both SMEs, counting only dozens of employees – and large enterprises with thousands of workers. And in every case, we helped our clients leverage the potential of SAP solutions. And so we’ll do it for you!
    • We know all existing versions of SAP products and solutions. ACBaltica team started implementing SAP solutions in 2001. Since then, SAP products have changed a lot – and we know them all! Whenever you’re struggling to keep using an outdated version of an SAP product (no updates and proper support? We feel your pain!) or aim to migrate to the updated release – we’re here for you. 
    • With our delivery center in Eastern Europe and 20+ years of experience with SAP, we can guarantee that our price-to-quality ratio will fit your needs and budget.
    And don’t forget our deep expertise in SAP solutions and diverse industry knowledge! We’ve been working with SAP products only since 2021 – and we’ve implemented them for retail, automotive, finance, transport and logistic, telecommunication, oil and gas and many more sectors. We know how they work for different industries – and you can benefit from that experience.  

    Need more details, a consultation, or want to know us personally? Do not hesitate to contact us – and let’s do great things together!

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