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What does annoy you, as a customer, the most? Being spammed with irrelevant calls and messages? Or, on the opposite, being ignored by the product or service provider? Too long waiting for your problem to be solved or for your order to be delivered? What about these situations when every time you reach the customer support center, you have to explain your problem over and over again – from the very beginning?

Imagine there is a company that managed to avoid any of these situations: they create that unique experience where the customer never feels lost or ignored. If they reach clients with offers – these are the relevant offers only, and they are suggested only via the channels the customer has approved as the most convenient. That company would be able to solve issues and provide any kinds of services and support surprisingly fast – and even if their agents lack something to help you (like, they don't currently have the necessary equipment), they can immediately schedule the date of equipment delivery and make sure everything goes according to the plan. Any of their customer support agents know every little detail about customer cases – and they know how to solve the problem in the best possible way. How loyal would you be to such a company?

According to Global Consumer Trends Report, 60% of consumers would buy more if businesses treated them better. They are also 3,5 times more likely to purchase from a company after a positive customer experience – and 5,1 times more likely to recommend a business to someone else. SAP has created a suite of products that helps businesses ensure all that. With SAP Customer Experience Suite, companies can increase their revenue, purchase frequency and reduce churn rates.

Sales: never feel abandoned

Imagine a company that sells, say, agricultural equipment. A client called the sales manager to buy ten tractors. He might even buy more – if a sales agent offers a discount. How much would it usually take for a salesperson to check the availability and dates of the delivery and to confirm the discount?

With SAP Sales Cloud, the process would take just a few minutes. This solution is basically a sales guide based on industry best practices. Every step in this so-called guide is designed to avoid customers feeling abandoned: to provide them with responses as fast as possible and move to the next level of the sales funnel. And there's even more: the solution allows you to easily track each sales agent's performance and even predict the chances of closing the deal based on the data about previous contracts.
Tatsiana PadrezHead of CX Cloud solutions of ACBaltica, SAP Platinum partner

Take, for example, discounts: usually, a sales agent would write an email to his manager asking about the size of a discount. With SAP Sales Cloud, the manager receives that request as a push notification that's impossible to miss. It's just one of many examples of how this software can boost the performance of sales managers. "Our team has been working with CX solutions since 2010, explains Tatsiana – and I'm still impressed with the results that our clients gain thanks to the implementation of these solutions. Take one of our recent cases, SAP Sales Cloud implementation for a manufacturer of roller shutter systems – they managed to increase conversion from lead to offer by 25%, the per-manager revenue by 4%, and overall performance of sales managers by 60% (!) – and the average check grew by 3%".

While Sales Cloud covers the sales process, you can complement it with any other field: inventory management, finance and invoicing, delivery, and more. With dozens of SAP solutions that can perfectly integrate, the whole process becomes transparent and easy to manage.

Service: planning and transparency

A customer is reaching out to the customer support team – and the agent immediately sees the whole customer story: what has ever happened with their equipment, which managers were working with that customer, and even predict what might be the root of the issue. Suppose the field agents provide services somewhere out of the office. In that case, they can still see if there are necessary parts in the company warehouse – and even order these parts, if needed, and schedule the next meeting with the customer based on the delivery date. At the same time, the manager can track every step of service agents – including their geo-location. Add omnichannel communication with the customer, AI-powered chatbots, knowledge management and FAQ base, and exciting reporting capabilities. All that you can get with SAP Service Cloud.

"Just a few more numbers, – adds Tatsiana. – After implementing the SAP service solution, one of our clients, a telecom company, increased the number of requests via their contact center by 125% – while increasing the number of operators only by 50%. With the new software and increasing performance of contact center operators, the company saved over EUR 130,000 on new employees".

Marketing: omnichannel engagement

Customers don't usually communicate with the business via only one channel. Take, for example, a retail chain: their customers could first come to the physical store, then go to the website, then download the application, and don't forget that they also get emails and in-app push notifications, and messages from the store (SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, or any other messenger). It's vitally important for the business to follow the customer on every channel and every platform throughout the whole customer journey and to know which platform to use for different purposes (like sending a birthday discount reminder via sms and an abandoned cart notification – via in-app notification) and gain a 360-degree view of the customer. This approach allows businesses to make the best-fit and personalized product/service offers based on unique customer behavior and lower churn.

“Emarsys, the SAP CX marketing solution, is all about omnichannel engagement and communication," says Tatsiana Padrez. It gives businesses a comprehensive view of their customers and allows them to implement a truly personal approach towards them. For example, it has an AI-based tool that allows one to make personal offers and recommendations based on customer behavior. It also helps businesses determine events that trigger customer attrition – and use all means to prevent it.”

All you need – under one cover

“The best thing about SAP CX Suite is that it allows to integrate all kinds of business processes under one cover, – the expert explains. – For example, you can complement Emarsys with a sales module, HR, and warehouse management – all with a smooth integration, with all data available from everywhere, making it possible to track any business aspect in real-time.”

“Or you could integrate your marketing solution with warehouse management: it allows businesses to create marketing campaigns considering the expiry dates of goods in their storages. This integration helps sell more goods before they expire, – says the expert. – “Another example: connect Emarsys with a financial solution – and remind your clients about the due dates of their credits or installments. It’s a simple and convenient way to reduce accounts receivable – since people usually miss their payment due dates because they forget about them!”

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