IT experts claim that modern business is drowning in the flow of information. Its volumes grow from year to year, as well as the rate of increase in the information load. One of the main problems on this background is making the right management decisions. It can be solved only under the condition of building an analytical system that allows to obtain aggregated information from various sources in a short time. One of the most effective tools for building such a system is SAP BW - a solution that proves that today there are ways to drastically reduce the time needed to obtain the information necessary for business analytics.

People who are not familiar with modern data storage and processing mechanisms often ask: SAP BW - what is it? The abbreviation BW is derived from the Business Warehouse. SAP BW is a platform that allows you to store huge amounts of business information and use it to analyze the situation and make informed management decisions.

The main functions of SAP BW

As a repository of business information, SAP Business Warehouse is a tool for storing and analyzing data with extensive technical and intellectual capabilities. The storage is based on a multidimensional data model. The SAP BW program has a structure that is tied to the management logic of the set business objectives, fully comprehensible and transparent to the end user.

The system provides:

  • automatic collection of necessary data after a certain period of time using a custom task scheduler;
  • storage of relevant data with the level of detail that was specified during the implementation of the system;
  • multivariate analysis of the data obtained on the basis of OLAP technology;
  • reporting on various business areas;
  • tracking of adverse factors with color highlighting abnormalities;
  • Compatibility with MS Excel and Web interfaces.

The main advantages of SAP BW:

  • full satisfaction of employees of all structural divisions and levels in reliable information about the company's activities;
  • integration with other information systems and their components;
  • efficiency of information provision;
  • wide opportunities for differentiation of access to information of employees depending on their authorities;
  • availability of standard reporting forms and ready-made data structures.

In conjunction with the SAP Business Object platform, the system is a powerful and effective tool for a comprehensive business analysis of the company, called SAP BI. It allows you to effectively establish the processes of business planning, analysis, control, risk assessment, etc., improving the quality of management decisions.
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