SAP Marketing

Offer customers what they really need in a way that is convenient for them and at the moment when they are determined to buy it. Act proactively, increase conversion, sales and marketing effectiveness.

SAP Marketing Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud) is a comprehensive CRM solution that implements omnichannel personalized communications and helps automate and manage the entire marketing cycle - from planning and tuning to conducting and online analysis of campaign effectiveness.

The use of predictive analytics technology and instant processing of big data allow marketers to determine and predict the readiness of a particular client to purchase, as well as to operate with a variety of other personalized data. Self-learning software models throughout the client's path automatically offer relevant contextual product recommendations and push them to purchase.

SAP Marketing Cloud Features

Omnichannel interaction with the client:

  • Building a cross-channel profile;
  • Interaction with customers through relevant channels:
    • E-mail;
    • Advertising;
    • Chat / contact center;
    • In-store;
    • Social networks (Twitter, VK, FB).

Targeting and segmentation

  • Precise targeting and segmentation based;
  • Creation and training of predictive models;
  • Understanding the client's way, attitude to the brand and its interests.

Single customer view

  • 360 ° customer profile;
  • Insights about the intentions of the client "in the moment";
  • Targeting of identified and anonymous customers in real time.

Real Time Analytics

  • Tracking of marketing activities with built-in dashboards;
  • Work with hidden trends and client behavior on the basis of predictive models;
  • Optimization and A / B testing.


  • Automated creation of unique contextual interactions for each client;
  • Targeting / retargeting clients with relevant messages and recommendations.

Marketing planning

  • Integrated calendar marketing campaigns;
  • Planning, distribution, monitoring budgets;

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