Expand the capabilities of sales, marketing and service specialists in your company by providing them with platform tools for customer relationship management. Provide impeccable service, increase the profitability of transactions and increase sales.

SAP CRM integrates the structural elements of a company — marketing, sales and service — that are involved in customer interaction into a single information and operating environment.

The platform is designed for the application of customer-oriented business strategies and provides access to the 360 ​​° profile of each client. This increases the accuracy of marketing communications, increases the proportion of completed transactions, shortens the sales cycle, reduces the cost of maintenance and allows you to make decisions based on reliable real-time data. The pre-configured system configuration already includes key CRM business processes, so implementation is quick and inexpensive.

Features of the SAP CRM digital platform

Digital sales cycle management

Create a closed customer relationship ecosystem and equip it with advanced digital solutions for working with Big Data, predictive analytics and process automation across all business verticals.

Use a single integrated SAP CRM platform and track sales success. Set strategic goals based on predictive analytics, create personalized offers for customers, regardless of distribution channels. Simplify and speed up team work by providing them with a clear and easy-to-use tool for interacting with customers. Track the effectiveness of the strategies and the success of the departments as a whole and respond quickly to changing consumer needs.

Monitoring of marketing activities

Combine dozens of marketing tools in one platform and allow the marketing department to work flexibly, purposefully and efficiently.

Get the opportunity to differentiate your marketing campaigns, quickly create personalized offers, adapt to the needs of individual customers, and build long-term relationships with them. Planning and analytics tools will allow you to centrally monitor all marketing activities, evaluate their effectiveness and profitability, flexibly manage costs based on market trends and the behavior of potential customers.

Omnichannel customer service

Use a comprehensive CRM platform to interact with customers across all channels of communication.

Provide employees of service departments, starting with contact center operators and ending with managers in social networks, the opportunity to communicate with the client via a convenient communication channel using a single digital platform. Due to the fact that the history of customer interaction with the company is contained in the personal profile, each specialist receives the necessary data about the user at the time of contact and promptly provides customer support, as well as offers relevant services.

End-to-end analytics

Monitor the performance of your sales, marketing and service departments, track the performance of real-time strategies, and differentiate customer interactions across different channels using the integrated SAP SRM analytics tools.

Track KPIs of contact centers, sales departments and other customer interaction centers. Set the bar and monitor key business process indicators, for example, the success of resolving issues from the first call. Allow departments to learn from successful interaction experiences, improving service quality and increasing customer loyalty.

CRM-system rapid deployment
Does your company need urgent business process changes? The SAP CRM system has the functionality necessary for operational implementation.
Fast, but smooth process automation;
The opportunity to start with a basic implementation and further increase the functional volume at your own pace;
The cost is fixed, all major business processes are included.
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