Field Service Management Solution for Agriculture Holding

Field Service Management Solution for Agriculture Holding
The solution for Eurasia Group Kazakhstan includes portable field workstations for field workers. With this solution, they gain access to real-time, up-to-date customer information and service records, all at their fingertips. This information is readily available via an application that can be installed on any device, even when they are out of the office and offline. The solution also ensures smooth data synchronization between field stations and the main office, facilitating informed decision-making and boosting operational efficiency. Moreover, the client company will now have powerful tools to monitor their field workers' performance, along with insightful analytics and reports on your field services, paving the way for a more efficient and productive future.


Eurasia Group Kazakhstan

A major distributor of agricultural machinery brand John Deere. The company offers full maintenance support service, spare parts supply, agricultural management services, and digital solutions for agriculture.


  • Customer data in the Sales and Service departments does not match
  • Service engineers working in the fields have no access to critical customer information
  • Manual customer service history tracking in Excel files
  • Manual tracking of working hours
  •  Lack of actual and comprehensive information on visits to the customer
  • No analytical tools for the analysis of customer service performance


  • Create a unified customer base
  • Grant service engineers complete access to customer-related information when out of the office
  • Automation of customer service tracking, also available when out of office
  • Time tracking automation; reduction of paperwork
  • Automation of customer visit tracking
  • Real-time, easily accessible employee performance analytics

The project scope

  • Set up web and mobile applications to simplify engineers' work with service orders
  • Develop a tool to record engineer absences
  • Configure analytics and reporting on the volume and type of employees’ workload
  • Create a unified and comprehensive customer database for sales and service departments 
  • Enable tracking of service history, visits to the clients, working hours

Why SAP Service Cloud

  • Client's positive experience with SAP Sales Cloud
  • Ability to create a single database with SAP Sales Cloud
  • User-friendly interface of SAP Service Cloud
  • Mobile application feature
  • Offline access to functionality

Project results

The solution is built around a mobile application containing critical customer-related information and tools for tracking provided services.The application is available from any device (and there’s also a web version) and is accessible both online and offline.
For more details, read our blog post.

Customer benefits

  • Unified digital database for customers and service requests
  • Mobile application for the field service engineers, also available in the offline mode
  • Reduced downtime and optimized distribution of workload for the field workers
  • Acceleration of order processing due to automation
  • Analytics and reports for the field service managers

Why ACBaltica

  • As a Platinum SAP Partner, ACBaltica provides an exceptional level of all kinds of SAP-related services: implementation, custom development, optimization, support, and more. With 20+ years of experience with SAP products,
  • ACBaltica has already successfully completed projects in dozens of industries, including agriculture. ACBaltica has successfully implemented SAP Service Cloud for Eurasia Group – thus, the company decided to keep working with the same SAP partner on the project based on SAP Service Cloud.

Customer Testimony

Eurasia logo white.png
Eurasia Group Kazakhstan is grateful to ACBaltica for the high quality of the work performed and for adhering to project deadlines and budget. We intend to continue cooperating with ACBaltica in the future, developing and improving the efficiency of the customer service management system together."
Eurasia Group Kazakhstan

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