SuccessFactors in automotive holding

SuccessFactors in automotive holding

The HR software did not meet the requirements of the HR department and did not allow managers to see the performance of each employee. To remedy the situation, Caucasian Automotive Holding partnered with ACBaltica to implement SAP SuccessFactors.

About company

  • The group supplies vehicles (cars, trucks, buses) and auto parts to the Georgian and South Caucasus markets. The holding represents more than 300 brands, including Shell, MAN, TOYOTA, Porsche. The company occupies about 50% of the automotive market in the region.

  • 5 subsidiaries.

  • 1,5 thousands employees

  • 10,000 corporate clients.


The company's HR department was using HR management software, but it did not meet the company's requirements:
  1. Company employs more than 1,500 people. A software solution was needed that would make it easier for HR managers to fill out comprehensive employee data.
  2. Managers saw a need to track how employees were achieving their goals. The current system didn't have that option.
  3. There was a need for a single online platform for employees with everyone's contacts and position.
As a result, the company chose SAP SuccessFactors cloud software, which matched the requirements. When choosing a contractor for the project, the company chose ACBaltica because of its experience working with customers from the same industry and working with SAP cloud systems.

The following SAP SuccessFactors modules were selected for implementation:
  • Employee Central; 
  • Performance & Goals;
  • SAP Jam Collaboration.


SAP SuccessFactors modules are responsible for different processes. 

Employee Central 

The Employee Central system creates an account for each specialist with detailed information about him/her: contacts, curriculum vitae, credentials, skills, salary account, driver's license, etc. The employee supplements his profile with information himself, which simplifies the work of the HR department.


Employee Profile in Employee Central

In the system, the user sees the hierarchy of the company and the personnel composition of each department according to the authority of employees.

Everyone has a "Requests" tab in their profile. Here the employee coordinates his actions with his supervisor or specialists from other services, such as ordering equipment.  Previously this was done by email. Now all requests are kept in one place. 

The Benefits management section is designed to maintain employee insurance and record bonuses (corporate cars, holiday gifts, pension payments).  

Previously, in order to submit an application for insurance, an employee had to coordinate it with a number of colleagues via email. Now all he has to do is fill in the necessary data in the program. The HR manager's job has also been simplified - when employees have submitted insurance applications, the HR manager uploads the list and passes it on to the insurance company. 

In Employee Central, HR managers keep track of employees' work hours. The system captures every time an employee puts a badge to the validator. Thus, the employee timesheet in SuccessFactors shows what time a person comes to work, when he or she has had breaks, whether he or she is on overtime, etc.

image_Time shit 2.png

Time Sheet in Employee Central

The system records when an employee goes to work on his/her day off or holiday (according to the work schedule). Employee Central records the time worked, which the employee can then use for time off. 

HR managers also record sick leave, vacations, and other types of absences in the system. Most absences are recorded in the system by employees themselves, and later coordinated with management. You can see the rest of your vacation time in the system.

image_Time off.png

Vacation Schedule in Employee Central

Performance & Goals    

The module helps manage annual planning and monitor how employees, from company management to executives, achieve strategic goals. 

The manager records goals in the program and assigns them to subordinates. Tasks can be added within the goal and activities can be recorded. The system records the progress of the result and updates the percentage of completion.

pg 2.png

Accounting for a goal in the employee profile in Performance & Goals

With Performance & Goals, HR managers make control slices to record the current performance of specialists. The service helps compare the performance of employees from the same department. 

Managers and colleagues can leave feedback on an employee's performance. The manager or executive generates a review request in Performance & Goals.  The respondent fills it out, and the review is saved in the specialist's profile.

In the future, the company plans to implement the Compensation module to calculate bonuses based on KPIs. Personnel performance calculated in Performance & Goals can be taken into account in this block.

SAP Jam Collaboration

SAP Jam Collaboration resembles a corporate social network in terms of features and interface.


News feed in the SAP Jam Collaboration

Employees discuss project tasks, follow company news, comment on them, and keep their own blogs. Company departments, project teams, and corporate training groups can create their own communities in SAP Jam. You can also exchange files and coordinate documents. 


Publishing with different file versions in SAP Jam Collaboration

SAP Jam Collaboration is convenient to use in project work: jointly maintain project documents, save different versions of files. In general, SAP vendor itself recommends maintaining all project documentation as part of SAP SuccessFactors implementation in SAP Jam Collaboration

Additional benefits of the SAP SuccessFactors software solution are mobility and outsourcing of service support:  

- The system can be accessed via a link from a browser or mobile app. When the employee is on the road or on a business trip, he or she is still connected and can make full use of key system functions.

- The company is not required to have an in-house programming team to support the system. The SAP vendor does this as part of the subscription.


  • HR specialists spend less time on routine data entry that employees can enter themselves into the system.
  • HR managers manage employee experience in one centralized system.
  • All employees have access to information about colleagues, company structure, and contact information.
  • Employees coordinate requests in one place.
  • Managers can plan individual goals for employees in line with the company's strategic goals.
  • Managers can systematically evaluate the results of employees.
  • The company has a tool for employee communication.
  • SuccessFactors is integrated with the corporate ERP system, allowing up-to-date personnel information to be used in operations.

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