Empower your sales team: recap of the B2B Customer Portal Webinar

Empower your sales team: recap of the B2B Customer Portal Webinar
In the dynamic realm of B2B sales, every second is crucial. However, if your sales managers are tied up with manual order processing, they have little time to focus on acquiring new customers. At ACBaltica, we recognize the significance of streamlining operations to amplify sales potential. This is why we introduced the B2B Customer Portal based on SAP BTP – a tool that can revolutionize your sales process. We recently hosted a webinar to showcase its transformative benefits. During the webinar, our experts, Anton Durko, ACBaltica's SAP developer, and Darya Tureshova, ACBaltica's sales manager, provided an in-depth overview of the B2B Customer Portal and conducted its live demo. They walked attendees through each aspect of the solution, providing valuable insights and answering questions along the way. But don't worry if you missed the live webinar – you can still catch up with the recording at your convenience.
Here's a recap of what you missed:
  • Self-Service Empowerment. Explore the self-service features of the B2B Customer Portal and learn how it empowers your customers to manage their account information, place orders, track statuses, request support, and access order history – all with ease and convenience.
  • Automation Tools. Discover how our solution automates manual order processing tasks, freeing up valuable time for your sales managers to focus on strategic initiatives and customer acquisition efforts. 
  • Data-Driven Decisions. Dive into the sales data and analytics system integrated into the B2B Customer Portal, enabling effective management and informed, data-driven decisions to drive business growth and profitability.
Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your sales operations and stay ahead of the competition. If you have questions or want to book a personal demo, simply contact us directly via info@acbaltica.com. We're just one click away from explaining all the details and how this solution can help your business grow.
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