Performance and Goals review in SAP SuccessFactors: webinar recap

Performance and Goals review in SAP SuccessFactors: webinar recap

You certainly know the importance of your employees’ goals and KPIs being aligned with the strategic goals of your business. But what instruments are the best to do that? How do you automate the process? How do you track your team’s performance and achievement of these goals? And how do you discover who blocks the realization of these objectives? 

At ACBaltica, we’ve been helping companies answer these questions for decades – so we decided to hold a webinar to share our experience. 

SAP SuccessFactors, a world-leading software designed for human capital management, has a module that covers exactly that functionality: Performance and Goals. With Performance and Goals, you can easily cascade your company's goals to the employees and then manage and track their performance.  

During the webinar, we explained and demoed how to: 

  • Set goals for each employee in line with the organization's strategic business objectives;

  • Track employees' performance and how they achieve their goals;

  • Determine what (or who) prevents the goals from being achieved – and at what exactly stage of the process;

  • Identify effective and inefficient employees, along with potential future leaders;

  • Ensure effective operational management; 

  • Provide feedback based on the performance. 

Our experts, Julia Sovpel, Head of HR Practice at ACBaltica, and Nadzeya Melnik, ACBaltica's SAP SuccessFactors consultant, overviewed SAP SuccessFactors and how it helps you automate human management processes, demoed Performance & Goals functionality, and highlighted our experience with SAP SuccessFactors. 

No worries, if you missed the webinar – you can always recap at your comfortable time and pace – with this recording.

For more videos about ACBaltica and to stay tuned for updates about our future events, follow our YouTube channel.

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