SAP Predictive Anatytics

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Predict the likelihood of future results and determine the right direction for business development using predictive algorithms and machine learning.

Build, deploy, and maintain thousands of predictive models with SAP Predictive Analytics. This local product will help you predict future actions and results and ensure more successful decision making in your digital business.

Achieve faster, more accurate business results.

Automate the entire predictive modeling process with self-service capabilities that provide a wide selection of reusable analytical records for instantly simulating data sets.

Scale the entire complex forecast cycle

Automatically create sophisticated predictive models for each possible data mining function, even with a huge amount of input attributes.

Embed prediction results for valuable information.

Implement predictive analytics in industry-specific applications and business processes to obtain critical, valuable business information and improve performance.

Key Features

Automated analytics

Enable business analysts and data managers to use the technique of building complex predictive models that can be embedded into business processes quickly.

Model management

A comprehensive modeling management system can efficiently support thousands of predictive models and plan for updating them as needed.

Predictive estimate

Create predictive estimates and integrate the results. Define in detail the impact of individual variables and perform simulations and assessments of specific business problems in real time.


Why so predictable?
Why so predictable?

When a cashier in a supermarket reminds you to take your favorite snack, you might think she has a great memory, and you buy these chips way too often. But in reality, this suggestion might have nothing to do with the cashier’s ...

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