Implementing B2B CRM in the holding company

Implementing B2B CRM in the holding company

Automotive dealership holding digitized a whole B2B sales cycle. That helped executives to oversee employees’ work at every stage and to improve decision-making.

About the client

Leading company in automotive industry of Georgia. The company owns about 50% of the market by selling vehicles (cars, trucks, buses) and auto parts. The supplier represents more than 300 brands, to name a few – Shell, MAN, Toyota, Porshe.

5 subsidiaries

2K wholesale companies

1,5K employees

10K B2B clients



Sales managers were previously using CRM based on SAP ERP solution. The platform doesn’t specialize in customer management, that’s why the software didn’t have enough options to get the whole picture of the sales cycle.

Managers had to register data in CRM and Excel instead of using a single system. That lengthened order processing and didn’t permit executives to monitor employees' actions.

Company has used SAP since 2009. Considering the positive effects of the software, executives decided to find a SAP solution for B2B sales. SAP Sales Cloud was selected. The service streamlines and automates critical selling processes and provides real-time analysis.

The client delegated the task to integrate customer pipeline, receivables, and tender management processes into the SAP Sales Cloud.


Sales funnel
 Developers divided sales stages into 2 modules.

1) Corporate Sales module: has steps from client discovery to purchase.

2) Current Clients module: sets up tasks to increase sales to existing customers. If a client buys less, the CRM reminds a manager of him.

With Sales Cloud, managers keep in touch with customers through different channels: calls, meetings, SMS, emails, surveys.

In the system executives arrange the work of account managers, e.g. give tasks and schedule appointments.

 Specialists set up debt and payment delay thresholds. If the client exceeds one of the rates, the CRM alerts manager to remind a customer of a debt. If after 3 months the debtholder doesn’t pay, an executive takes over the task.
Sales Cloud composes lists of customers assumed to have a debt in the future. The program evaluates risks basing on the client’s size of loan and turnover.
Developers automated tender management from completing an application to signing a contract. Implemented into the CRM reminder configuration helps managers to meet deadlines.


  • Heads of department identify weak spots in a sales funnel in real time

  • Account managers process customer requests quicker

  • New staff members deal with workload faster

  • Executives review workers’ activities at all stages of the sales cycle

Project duration: 9 months.

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