Sales and marketing in bank

Sales and marketing in bank

Bank improved sales, marketing and contact center efficiency by 3-4 times after the implementation of SAP technologies

One of the three largest banks in Armenia.
Employees: 1,5 K.
Subsidiaries: 62 units.

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    Improving customer service

The system collects data about customer journeys and preferences. With this information, managers address relevant sales offers to clients.

    Checking high-risk customers

In the clients lists, SAP CRM identifies tax evaders and individuals with loan delinquencies registered in the country.

     Retaining customers

CRM system generates tasks for sales managers in conformity with the customized sales pipeline. This helps managers to systematically engage with clients.

SAP Contact Center
Contact Center 
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     Handling 100% of calls

The system registers missed calls, so agents call back every customer.

     Unifying customer database

Contact center agents enter information about clients into the overall customer database. Other bank units access the database to get necessary information to improve interaction with clients. 

     Integrating with the site

Agents process not only calls but also incoming emails from the company’s site.

     Dividing workload fairly

SAP system arranges incoming calls in a queue and then distributes them among available agents.

SAP BusinessObjects 
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     Getting a wide range of reports

The bank takes out internal statistics for strategic planning. For example, the solution identify customers yielding a maximum profit and calculate the number of active clients.

     Visualizing data

SAP BOBJ enables to create graphs and diagrams to facilitate decision making.

SAP Marketing
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     Cutting marketing costs

SAP Marketing has about 150 criteria to prototype customers profiles. That allows to segment mailing lists in detail and decrease the number of indifferent recipients. As a result, marketing costs decreases.

     Increasing conversions

Acba marketers tailor advertisement campaigns for norrow customer segment. That increases the level of relevance of each company’s message and, consequently, conversion rate.

     Optimizing marketing campaigns

Using SAP Marketing, specialists accomplish routine tasks in mailing and segmentation in several minutes.

     Interacting with contact center

To promote marketing campaigns, marketers compose lists of target groups and then delegate contact center agents to phone them. For that specialists use the overall clients’ database uploaded from the SAP system.

  • The revenue generated from POS-terminal transactions came up by 200k USD.
  • After implementation the contact center handled 3 times more calls than over the previous year.
  • The average speed of answers fell by 30%, at the same time the efficiency of a contact center agent grew by 3 times.
  • Conversion of marketing campaigns rose from 20% to 80-100%.

Project duration: 3,5 years.

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