SAP Business Intelligence

Gain intelligent insight from your data

Enhance business results by taking advantage of one of the most valuable assets — your data.  

SAP Business Warehouse

BW.svgThe data warehouse processes high-volume data to helps decision-makers get timely business insights. It optimizes data and streamlines processes across the organization that allows employees to be more efficient.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

BPC.svgThe application eases financial and accounting operations in a company, enabling to decrease cycle time and close books faster. The solution focuses on budgeting, planning and forecasting processes, making them transparent and smooth.

SAP HANA High-Performance Database

HANA.svgThe SAP HANA database carries transactional and analytical workloads within an enterprise. The solution speeds up big data processing and provides managers with advanced analytics.

SAP Business Objects BI

BOBJ.svgThe analytics platform SAP BOBJ helps make better decisions based on data. It gives a wide range of reporting and visualization tools. With the solution, it becomes easier to share business insights in real time in a group of several users or several thousands of users.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAC.svgThe SAP Analytics Cloud suite combines most in-demand analytical features for business - BI, planning capabilities, predictive and augmented analytics. This package improves financial reporting, performance management and enterprise planning.

SAP Predictive Analytics

Predictive.svgThe application helps businesses get insights from internal data. It shows unforeseen opportunities, allows to better understand customers and detect hidden risks.


International network service provider built a single customer base for all 40 countries of the company’s presence.
Company stands for information service that embraces independent wholesale operators, specialists on the spare parts market for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
To keep B2B sales and payroll up to date, bank started project of SAP implementation
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